(2/09/10) 8 on the Break Weekly #43 Results


Another great tourney from the break. I was happy to see so many people from NY this time around, lets try to make this happen every week guys.

1: Ryder (Abel)
2: MarlinPie (C. Viper)
3: KDZ (Rufus)
4: Dieminion
5: Liston
5: Noel
7: Mike Infinite
7: Dynicksty
9: HackerMike
9: Darth Arma
9: Eugene
9: Quotes
13: HaterBot
13: The_Laziest
13: KillaBee
13: Zart


Jersey!!! Arma, your chairs were great. I’ll bring a few next time too.


Good stuff again Ryder! FYC is coming to Winter Brawl!

Get ya popcorn ready


MARSEILLES! The abel train is coming to town baby! I’m getting my stick dual modded as well (finally). I need an installer for photoshop cs, if anyone has this pleeease pm me.


Yo Ryder chuck dat plasma!


grats ryder, good stuff


Hats off to Ryder, Marlin Pie and KDZ for top 3.


Thanks Aqua, your gief is godlike!

This guy has too much class, good shit kev. It’s good to know that even you can have an off day and are not a robot created by capcom to net additional profits off sf4 :rofl:


ryder, i have photoshop :o

damn man, i wanted to come and show off my new secondary


Yesterday was my first tournament and got my ass hand to me. I’m stepping it up and I will be back week after next.:clapdos::clapdos::clapdos: to Ryder, MarlinPie, KDZ on top 3.


GS Ryder. :slight_smile:


Congrats Ryder!

are vids up for this event?


What happens at the break stays at the break. If you want to witness greatness, show up!