2/1 Central, SC Console Tournament Results


Ok here are the full results

1st Isaac
2nd Eric W "MR NUTSAC"
3rd Keith Daniels "CHILI DOG"
4th Eric Petersun "Doomsday Ken"
5th Kevin Hutchins "EvilGouki"
5th Sami Ackerman "drfunkenstein2k"
7th Lushious "SieClayton"
7th Tyler
9th Colin "halyconryu"
9th Sora Arrington "Tron Li"
9th Jae Purvis "ShinRyuX"
9th Jordan
16th Teh Raph (TEH TWO AND OUT OH NOS!!!) "SSJ George Bush"
16th Ted King "Liquited"
16th Lester Green

1st Eric Petersun
2nd Colin
3rd Lushious
4th Teh Raph (OH YES!)
5th Isaac
5th Sora Arrington
7th Eric W.
7th Jae Purvis
9th Rob
9th Tay
9th Leigh
9th Lester
16th Jordan
16th Ted King
16th Taylor Ladford

1st Jae Purvis
2nd Colin
3rd Lushious
4th Eric Petersun
5th Teh Raph (hugo failed me he has no bones or eyes)
5th Sami Ackerman
7th Leigh
7th Sora
9th Eric W
9th Isaac (Sorry you got screwed due to our bad tournament skills)
9th Rob
9th Tay
16th Ted King
16th Keith Daniels
16th Lester Green
16th Taylor Ladford

1st Jae Purvis
2nd Lushious
3rd Eric Petersun
4th Sami Ackerman
5th Ted King
5th Rob
7th Colin
7th Kafuin
9th Jordan
9th Lester Green
9th Sora Arrington

OKAYS thanks for a good tournament for teh most part except that Isaac got skipped over in 3S losers bracket I am sorry for that I let other people handle the brackets and they didnt know wha they are doig. Yuo shuldnt have to take that and you didnt beat me up so THANKS YOUS.

Congrats Lucious though you got 2nd in Super Turbo not 3rd. :lol:

Thanks burst for fixing my name and all. It was a great Tourney. I think I leveled up a bit in 3s. Turbo came back a little like old stomach juices. I had fun. Hope to come back soon. Peace!

Results looked like this:


  1. Isaac (SkillMatic)
  2. Eric W (SkillMatic)
  3. Keith Daniels
  4. Eric Peterson (Skillmatic)
  5. Samuel Ackerman (Skillmatic)
  6. Evil Gouki (SkillMatic)


  1. Eric Peterson (Skillmatic)
  2. Colin
  3. Lucious (SkillMatic)


  1. Jae Purvis
  2. Lucious (Skillmatic)
  3. Erik peterson (SkillMatic)
  4. Samuel Ackerman (Skillmatic)


  1. Jae Purvis
  2. Colin
  3. Lucious (Skillmatic)
  4. Erik Peterson (Skillmatic)
  5. Samuel Ackerman (Skillmatic)

It was a great tourney and I had a lot of fun. Thanks for having us. :slight_smile:

I had a great time! Thanks Raph!!!

Man i miss you and chillin with you at my crib till 5am with MvC2 was too good! BTW your CvS2 is on point!

Your MvC2 skills are way better and scary, u beat me up the 1st night :frowning:
but always good to chill with ya.
Like i said if you and erik can make it to my house i will drive you in Invasion!

I am going to Durham son just for some SNK madness, well to get OWNED in SAMSHOW4 :lol:
For anyone who wants to know Rob ate me alive in KOF2000 :frowning:
that game sucks!

It was fun having you over and beating me up in MvC1 :lol:
Awesome CvS2 playa you are. See you at Invasion

what can i say, we are bropther and its always fun see you at Invasion!

Eric W ProgNuts:
Welcome to team skillmatic all of us voted you in cause you are real good, always gettin better, holla at me on AIM.

BTW i got 5th in 3s not 4th

Highlight of the day for me:
A perfect on Ibuki! :evil:

Sounds like a great tournament to be apart of.:slight_smile: Oh well, good job to all of my friends that competed.:slight_smile: Bama is a beast. SKillmactic owned and I missed it all.:frowning:

Great tourney Raph and Jae. I enjoyed seeing everybody again. I’ll definitely be coming to the next one.

Skillmatic 0wnz…

congrats again to the winners, and thanks to the central, sc peeps for hosting a great console tourney. i had a good time and had some good matches in casual 3s and cvs2. i will stick with oro and keep learning more about that game :wink: thanks sami for the hospitality.

wish we could have stayed sat night and chilled, but it sure felt good to crash in my own bed and sleep all day today lol.



Congrats to NC, Skillmatic & all that.

Sounds like a lot of fun. Rob, I’m surprised you went… :lol:

Maybe I’ll catch the next one. Take care, all…

"Erik, did you play my squad any? :D"

nice job nc

gg everyone

hey ERIC WHEN CAN I RIPP THE CD :slight_smile:

Good seeing you again Keith. You got me last tournament, I got you this time… no big whoop. Dont stop coming to the tourneys that would be TEH suXz0rz.

Their were 16-20 peeps there, and only 6 skillmatic


Now for my real thoughts:

Isaac: You are just too nasty in MvC2 man. And your CvS2 skills were looking pretty good too. Its always nice to see another Yamazaki player :slight_smile: And as always, great chillin with ya!

Eric: It was great seeing you again. Those casual MvC2 matches were one of my highlights of the day :slight_smile: The Blonde Brigade was too good :lol: Congrats on the second place as well and of course the induction into Skillmatic :wink: You Bama dudes are too cool.

Sami: As always, it was great chillin with ya. Thanks a bunch for the hospitality. I would have loved to have stayed a little later, but well, you know :wink: Thanks a bunch for the support during CvS2. And congrats on your tourney results even though you weren’t at full strength at 3rd Strike and I know next time you’ll have something for Vega :slight_smile:

Kevin: Great seeing you again. Seems like we always eliminate each other in these MvC2 tourneys, thats got to stop sometime. Hope that those CvS2 matches might help you get into the game as well. Anyways man, I hope to get a chance to chill with you soon.

Raph and Jae: Thanks for throwing a great tourney. It was fairly well organized, its definitely a tough thing to do, I know. Congrats on your 3rd Strike and ST victories. Had a great time. Thank you.

Colin: Man, that was great finally getting to play you. I had heard alot about you and you lived up to everything. I would love to play you some more in CvS2 or MvC1(I love that game). Great games all around and congrats on your 2nd in 3rd Strike as well. Hope to see you again sooner than later.

Ted: Great seeing you again man. Would have loved getting a chance to chill at your place, but fate had decided otherwise. I really enjoyed our MvC2 and ST matches. Keep me posted on that XvSF Tourney too :slight_smile: Hope to see ya again soon.

Lee: Man, I forget about you man. Sorry I couldn’t give you that Hugo rematch before I left. Next time I’ll give it to you I promise. Great meeting you man.

Keith: Good seeing again man. Its been a while. You’re definitely a great MvC2 player man. I just hope that you enjoyed your MvC2 victory over me, if you know what I mean :wink:

Sora: Good seeing you again too. I enjoyed our MvC2 match, maybe next time you’ll end up getting me.

Well, thats about it.

Later peeps.

P.S. Rod, I never did get a chance to use your team in the tourney, but they did make it into the casual play.

P.P.S. Skillmatic owns!!!

Thanks Eric…good seeing you to . I wish I would have been in on the MvC1 matches but oh well…I did have other obligations calling…maybe next time .

This was a good event especially considering it was Raph and Jae’s first attempt . The facilities were great…I just hope Jae doesn’t get any flak from his lanlord about this…

As bad as I hate it I guess I need to work more on playing on console…traditionally MvC2 is my weakest game but because I play it more on console I did better at the tourney . I’ll be spending more time with the MAS stick I guess for a while so no one has to hear my whining and complaining .:rolleyes:

It was great seeing everyone again and meeting Rob (kafuin_gaira) was cool to . Between playing Rod , Eric and Colin I might start taking CvS2 a little more seriously .

Sami and Leigh…
I need rematches in ST and 3S with you guys immediately:mad:
I know I can do better…maybe Fri night I can redeem myself .

I had a great time and it was good to be back in the tournamnet swing again…must get back into shape .


'twas nice to finally meet you as well, ted. next time i’ll have to see firsthand the gamer’s paradise that was described to me :smiley:

oh and if you still have any questions about customs, feel free to pm me.


I had a great time. The matches with Eric were too intense, and Lucius is also very good. Hopefully you guys from Durham will be at Invasion and FR6 this year. I gotta be more careful and NOT JUMP AT FULLY CHARGED BLANKA ANYMORE lol. I watched the match replay when we were back at sami’s house and I was like, jesus, why the hell would I jump like that. Good matches, see you all again.

Thanks Colin. I must agree, those matches were definitely intense. I hope I get a chance to play you again soon. I highly doubt I can make it to Invasion(my gf would kill me) :lol: , but I definitely plan on making FR6.