2.11 & 2.12.06 WPB, FL Tournament Results

Vortex No Jutsu Tournament II
Saturday, February 11, 2006

Simply put, Best Tournament Ever for Vortex Cybercafe! We had 48 people in attending the VnJ Tournament 2. Most of the top Florida SSBM and NGNT!4 players showed up and there were matches that were never seen before on the net. Tommy Tipper showed up in attempt to show everybody that he’s number 1 in the WiLLvolution Ranking system. Highly noticed player by the name of Maverick made his Vortex debut.
On the NGNT! 4 side, Orlando players Seishin, Ghostdog and Stabby did not attend this tournament so it’s anybody’s game that night. Mr. Brightside brought along 2 new Orlando players in attempt to take the top 2. More new Miami players showed up such as Oliver and Mystic. They went top 4 at the small Miami tournament a few weeks ago and want to show everybody who’s the best.

SSBM Tournament Results-
1st-Tommy Tipper (Ganondorf and Marth)
2nd-Maverick (Falcon and Marth)
3rd-Foxhound (Fox and Jigglypuff)
4th-Punisher X (Falco and Falcon)

Maverick came around 2 hours late therefore he lost his first match due to a no show. He finally showed up and cleaned house in the Loser’s Bracket until he fought Tommy Tipper. Some said that he could’ve won the tournament if he showed up. We’ll find out next time at the March’s tournament.

Character Usage (This is mostly accurate)
Marth 17%
Captain Falcon 14%
Samus 14%
Fox 11%
Falco 9%
Peach 9%
Sheik 8%
Jigglypuff 6%
Link 5%
Yoshi 5%
Young Link 3%
Roy 2%

NOTE: There’s no 3 on 3 Naruto GNT! 4 tournament due to lack of participants. So no Tsunade usage from The WiLL. :frowning:

Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen! 4 Tournament Results
1st-Flocker (Awakened Hinata, Itachi, and CS2 Sasuke)
2nd-Oliver (Kisame, Itachi and OTKN)
3rd-SS4 Fat Buu (Orochimaru)
4th-Gabriel (OTKN, Kisame, Orochimaru)

A funny Grand Finals match. Flocker came from the Loser’s Brackets and must defeated Oliver in 2 sets or 6 matches. Towards the end he found out that CS2 Sasuke was a thorn at Oliver’s side therefore he used him to the end. Flocker defeated Oliver in 1 set therefore it’s tied. Flocker abused CS2 Sasuke’s Up+A until he won his 2nd set.

I have no clue why Milton is staring at me but Main Event NGNT!4 match-Milton vs. Kavas. Both have been absent from the last tournament and this is a match that has never before seen on the net. Kavas’ Kimimaro was too much for Milton’s Zabuza until Milton pulled out his Kimimaro. Tough call match but in the end, Milton showed why he’s the WiLLvolution 2005 Champion.

Main Event match-InsaneJokr9 vs. Darkhonor90. Both have improved a lot in the course of a month and are slowly but surely climbing up the Rankings. Both pulled a good match but Darkhonor90 took the spotlight against InsaneJokr9.

Character Usage (This is mostly accurate)
Itachi 15%
OTKN 14%
Orochimaru 10%
Kimimaro 9%
Sasuke 9%
Kisame 7%
Neji 6%
Naruto 5%
Sakon 5%
Gaara 5%
CS2 Sasuke 4%
A. Hinata 2%
Kabuto 2%
Ino 2%
Kin 2%
Zabuza 1%
Kankuro 1%
Gai 1%
Jiroubou 1%

Vortex: Better Than Sex Tournament IV Results
Sunday, February 12, 2006

Tournament was a bit wild that day but it was tamed. Popular by demand, we have a Capcom vs. SNK 2 and Tekken 5 tournament with the Soul Calibur III and Street Fighter III Third Strike tournament. It was a bit hectic hosting Tekken 5 and Soul Calibur III tournament at the same time.

Capcom vs. SNK 2 Tournament Results (Rules changed to Round Robin due to lack of participants)
2nd-Calm Warrior-4-2-0
2nd-The Muffin Man-4-2-0

Street Fighter III Third Strike Tournament Results
1st-doujinshi_2001 (Chun Li, Yun, Ken)
2nd-Calm Warrior (Makoto and Ken)
3rd-CEO of Darkness (Hugo, Oro and Q)
4th-Ic3y Ac3 (Alex and Yun)

Character Usage (This is mostly accurate.)
Chun Li-7%

Tekken 5 Tournament Results
3rd-Head Bu$$a

Soul Calibur III Tournament Results
1st-AlottaBeast (Cervantes)
2nd-Mostro (Mitsurugi and Yoshimitsu)
3rd-Laz (Astaroth)
4th-Deg (Sophitia)

Character Usage (This is mostly accurate.)

Overall, it was a great weekend. I will post pictures, videos, rankings and other stuff. I got close to 20 hours of video footage to edit so please no email, PMs, booty calls, and/or IMs about when the videos will be up. It will be up when it’s up! Also I already have a date for the next tournament. A 14 hour one day tournament with 5 events. Please check www.willvolution.com soon about the details.

Oh yeah, I’m missing a Gamecube Wavebird controller. It’s name is Suzy and I love it so much. It was the same controller I owned my friends in Tetris Worlds. I had some ghetto batteries and I don’t know if both of the AA batteries match. Stuff happens and it could be by mistake. But if it was preplanned kidnapped, then shame on you. But to prevent kidnapping controllers, the tournaments I host will have a strict BYOC rule.

Um, I think u got the win-loss thing on CvS2 wrong…I went undefeated throughout the whole tourney

Sucks to hear about your wavebird. Who steals something like that anyways? O_O

Hopefully, it’ll turn up!

Wrong. You lost to LIFE for driving down there for that 8 man boshit.

i find it funny that you say he lost at life when your the one trolling in a random tournament result thread that you obviously didn’t attend. the turn out for 3s was actually pretty decent.

lol that’s my nig Anthony and he lives in Orlando as well. Amp what can I say son I like comp good or bad and I did win decent money in 3s seeing how it was 16 ppl that entered

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Los: Yeah, you know I was just messing with you. I would have gone if I had realized earlier that it was so close. I thought it was near Miami. Judging from will’s attitude and the way he came at me it’s good I didn’t. Probably woulda been a whole buncha people fighting for third lol! Way to rep though.


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