2/12 Team St1ckbug at CTF Valentine's Day Tournament: Heart's Massacre!

Cross post from Homingcancel.com by DaiAndOh

Hey yo.

Everyone’s favorite EC anime tournament series makes a comeback with AH3. While the search for a venue for multi-game tournaments hasn’t exactly been…successful, I really want AH3 to succeed and get a huge backing. But it also needs you guys do your part.

For those unfamiliar with the location:

Chinatown Fair Arcade
8 Mott Street
New York, NY 10038

Primary method to get there by public transportation is taking your favorite train (Q,N,J,Z, 6, A,C,E) to Canal Street, and doing a bit of walking (about 5 blocks).

Tournament starts at 1:30 PM. CTF opens at 12. Henry has told me 3 setups are available.

Fees and Payouts:
Tournament entry is $5. Payout is 70/20/10 of the cut.
Venue fee…is nearly non-existent. Just pay the money on the machine. Which is 25 cents (1 token) for 3 minutes. Subject to change depending on streaming though.

Sp00ky is pending. Anyone else interested should contact me. I hope we will have a stream in some form in order to spread the hype this game is capable of.

This tournament will be run on Tio tournament organizer. Double Elimination Bracket. I will attempt to seed based on players that frequently play with each other OFFLINE. But I can’t guarantee anything other than round 1.

Game Rules:
2/3 rounds, 60 second timer. 2/3 matches. Winner may not change character, loser may. Arcana is freely changeable.

Winner’s, Loser’s, and Grand finals are 3/5 matches.

Anything wrong with this?

Please stay in CTF. It can get very loud and I NEED you to come to your match asap.

In order to make your stay more enjoyable for you and others, wear some deodorant. Show that you’re better than the DDR players

Please also report your matches when they’re done.

I recommend no one touch the button config. If you do, because you’re pad (or just plain weird ) tell me after your match. So we don’t have any confusing situations.

Screen configuration is normal, NOT wide. Please consult with your opponent if there’s an actual dispute with anime on or off.

Any questions/comments/hype please post or contact. I’m looking forward to a hopefully great future for this game.


I’m going to tell henry today to fix the ggxx machine. maybe we can have a side tourney on that cab :thumbsup: