[2/14/2011] LI,NY - Smithtown Play N Trade - 10 More Years of Marvel! MVC3 Tournament

Hey guys! MvC3 is so close and to celebrate another 10 years of Marvel were going to be running a MvC3 tournament welcoming the new entry in the epic series!** The tournament winner will receive a free copy of MvC3 along with the normal 70/20/10 pot split and if enough people show up the PnT owner may throw in more prizes!** So come on down and ring in another 10 years with this great entry in the MvC series!

Date -
February 14 2011

Time -
Sign ups - 9:00 PM
Tournament - 10:00 PM

32 East Main Street
New York, 11787
United States of America



1-631-871-3860 (Ask for Brad)

For those of you taking the train from Penn station use the Port Jeff line and get off at the Smithtown station.

The tournaments run will be :

MvC3 - Xbox360

Tournament entry per game :

House Fee : $5

The prize pots will be split between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
70%/20%/10% and the winner will receive a Copy of MvC3!

I’m in this.

When is it? The past? November? Son… I’m not hiro nakamura!!

I’m so down for this.

Don’t do it pat. You gonna be mad when my vjoe takes that money. :3.

i might come out to this. i think it will be hilarious

costs $5 to enter a tournament for a game that aint even out yet? nigga you high?

I’d be there but unfortunately hallmark holidays still count, so no go.

Dom are you really complaining about a five dollar tournament where you can Win a free copy of the game?

for those marvel illiterates like myself yes

Son… Five bones. Just saying.

Bison, You know the copy above had the wrong date right? I’d love yo come but my girl would cut my raging demon off

Yeah I changed the date haha.

Its pretty much a release party for mvc3 I think its a great idea

Pretty much guys! There isn’t a good reason not to come out!

Is the venue within walking distance from the train station? Being stranded out there is not on my to-do list.

Absolutely. It’s literally a five-minute walk

Yo get hype for marvel! This game is fucking fire.

20 out of my last 24 hours consisted of Marvel 3. I’m gonna die.

What?! You didn’t call me son?!

Haha same. i spent maybe two hours on demons souls but other than that its been marvel.