2/15/03 results for cvs2 and mvc2


1st caddles

2nd mouen

3rd savath

4th delvis

highlights: the matches between sav and delvis were very entertaining delvis picked his usual storm sent capcom and sav picked mag cable cap sav won the 1st one delvis came back to take the 2nd one with a vicious onslaught from storm the last match delvis had won but tried to get fancy by attempting a fast fly combo on a practically dead cable after he missed cable somehow killed off the rest of delvis characters and his hopes of winning the tourney


1st caddles

2nd sav

3rd mouen

4th kang

5th keith

this was an ok tourney not that much excitement except for the match when sav taunted me and i came back to win that match with 30% blanka left

I’m sure sav will post up smash results

lol caddles beat all sabin going to love this stop beastin caddles your just to good for them alot of people talk shit about caddles i think he sucks big he-man delvis dick but he’s good in sf games dame kids you getting beat up by a 39 year old that’s trap in a 17 years body lol ALL OF YOU SUCK