2.15.11 Marvel vs. Capcom 3 NYC Launch Party Invitational: Titans vs. Gods

Hype Evolves on 2.15.11 and on that day Empire Arcadia presents a invitational tournament of the 16 best New York City Marvel vs. Capcom 2 players to compete in a 2v2 single elimination exhibition. The winning team faces off against EMP Santhrax and EMP IFC Yipes. The rules are simple. 18 players will be invited. The first 8 Teams will be formed will be accepted. The battle commences on at the party on the 15th. The winning team will be crowned as Titans of New York. Then…they face 2 of the 3 Marvel God’s. For more information on the party see below or log on to face book and visit: Login | Facebook

Official Press Release via Emmure: "Empire Arcadia is hosting the official Emmure Speaker of The Dead Release Party at The Gramercy Theatre on its February 15th release day. Top gamers IFC Yipes and Sanford Kelly of Empire Arcadia will both be in attendance.

Come hang with all five members of Emmure, challenge them in the third installment of the VS Game Series and win cool prizes while soaking in Speaker of the Dead.

Free Play: There will be multiple gaming stations with “10 more years of mutants” This event is free and people can come in and get to play against each other, members of the band and two of Empire Arcadia’s finest marvel players.

Autograph Session: Anyone who reserves their copy of MVC3 at Play N Trade at Franklin Square *See flyer for detial’s will be able to have their copies autographed by Santhrax and IFC Yipes during the 30 minute Autograph session

Music and more to come. Full details soon!

The Invited:

Josh 360
Nelson “EMP Remix” Reyes
EMP Smoothviper
EMP Xecutioner
EMP Matrix
Mike Infinite
Josh Wigfall
EMP E. Rahsaan
Megaman Steve
Jason Hall
EMP DragonGod

All invited players have until February 10th to confirm and official 2v2 team. Please post your team mate in this thread to official be accepted as a team or PM me via SRK or Facebook your team so that I can post officially which 8 teams will take part in this event.

Tomorrow’s event begins at 8pm. Invitational begins at 10pm