2/15/12 WNX Soul Calibur 5 Tournament Results

Xanadu Games successfully hosted its very first Soul Calibur 5 tournament as part of its Wednesday Night Xanbats. We thank every single one of our 21 entrants for coming out and supporting the game. Check out the replays, congratulate the placers, and keep an eye out for our next Xanbats!

1st Tyrell ‘Promiethius’ Jefferson Nightmare Voldo Yoshimitsu
2nd Marc ‘Tiamat’ Osborne Algol Nightmare
3rd Alden ‘DRS Ghostman’ Wright Natsu Leixia
4th Ryan ‘Perfect Sin’ Bartlett Astaroth
5th Dave ‘FreewinderBeta’ Nightmare Yoshimitsu
5th Jim ‘Lord Zor’ Borgidon Pyrrha
7th Dan ‘Misato’ Wilson Astaroth Nightmare Yoshimitsu
7th David ‘Hudathan’ Chen Raphael
9th Mike ‘MVA’ Acune Yoshimitsu
9th Spencer ‘Fetz’ Brisson Cervantes
9th Steve ‘Angry Black’ Harrison Nightmare
9th Josh ‘Kutsuki’ Leung Natsu
13th Darryl ‘Dante’ Smith Pyrrha Omega Siegfried
13th Matt ‘Ponton’ Ponton Xiba
13th Press ‘Wallstreet’ Palmer Astaroth
13th Reggie ‘Minerva_SC’ Stinett *Tira Alpha Patroklos *
17th Hasani ‘Agua’ Romany Pyrrha
17th Seth ‘Moroha’ Mussey Tira
17th Ashley ‘Ms. Amethyst’ Williams Ivy
17th Jahi ‘IGT Unkn0wn’ Skeritt Ezio Auditore
17th Tristan ‘Jin86’ Scott Siegfried



I like that I’m the only one who has their character listed haha… all my matches came down to the wire, but good times nonetheless.