2/15 UMK3/CVS2/MVC2/KOF2k2 Results Rutgers


We had like 15 people and my RA yelled at us but it was ok cause next time he said he’s gonna use some house funding to get us food so that’s cool. Anyway here’s top 4 for each game and who they used, I’ll post full results if anyone’s interested

UMK3 (14 people):

  1. Robert Sigley (Nightwolf/Jax)
  2. Jerry Hong (Classic Subzero)
  3. Jason Rogers (Kabal/Cyrax)
  4. Chris Demeglio (?)

MVC2 (12 people):

  1. Jerry Hong (Team Shoto, Wolverine/Sabretooth/Wolverine)
  2. Robert Sigley (Capt America/Ken/Son Son)
  3. Lucas McCain (Magneto/Sent/Cable)
  4. Matthew Rocco (Storm/Sent/Cable)

CVS2 (15 people):

  1. Robert Sigley (K King/Todo/Sagat)
  2. Chris Demeglio (C Ryu/Ken)
  3. Matthew Rocco (N Ryu/Sagat/Chun Li)
  4. Mark Panella (A Rolento/Sakura/Bison)
    15 (Last). Jerry Hong (K Cammy/Blanka/Sagat)

KOF2k2 (10 people):

  1. Lucas McCain (Team Orochi, Kyo/Benimaru/Goro)
  2. Jerry Hong (Maxima/Blue Mary/May Lee)
  3. Mark Panella (Mai/Yuri/K’)
  4. Robert Sigley (Kyo/Clark/Athena)


After the tournament we also had a rashambo (rock paper scissors) tournament here’s the results

Roshambo (7 people):

  1. Jerry Hong (scissors mostly)
  2. Lucas McCain (scissors mostly)
  3. Robert Sigley (paper mostly)
  4. That guys girlfriend (dunno her name) (scissors mostly)

I guess this proves that scissors in top teir and paper is mid teir, not many people were busting out rock I guess he’s not too popular (but he is a counter to scissors I don’t know why we didn’t pick up on this)

Edit: The finals for the Roshambo tournament were 4-3 and there was a lot of controversy, some people claim that Jerry threw out a rock but quickly switched it to paper when he saw Lucas had paper making that round a stalemate, we couldn’t agree so we replayed that (was 3-3 at the time) then Jerry played paper and Lucas came out with rock and lost. The two parties had to be settled down after it because Lucas was calling Jerry a cheater and Jerry was defending himself saying he never threw out a rock and changed it.


Oh yea sorry for keep posting but when the heck did Jerry Hong learn how to play MVC2? After the tournament he was doing crazy unfly combos with Sent mid screen with IM Assist and Magneto’s assist. Also he has crazy Magneto crossup resets etc, I didn’t even know he played that game let alone could do all that stuff :mad:


when was this!?!?!?!?!


only fools use rock… it always loses… how far is this place from the break? if julien went he’d take your money in rock/paper/scissors and blind coin tosses cause hong’s a bum…


It was like 1pm or so at my dorm room and three other rooms on this floor, it wasn’t suppose to happen cause I was suppose to do a lot of stuff today but I forgot to take down the signs I posted around campus and around 1pm some guy’s knocking on my door about the tournament so I’m like uh chill here a little see if more people show up, I goto take a shower and there’s like 10 people here when I get out so I’m like ok guess we’re having one. Call up Jerry get the DC’s hold it.

Rutgers is like 10 minutes from the Break it’s not too far, and yea I know Guessmaster Julian would own us all for free in rock paper scissors or 1,2,3, shoot. Jerry’s RC’ing scissors is too good tho and yea Jerry’s a bum he doesn’t even know how to play KOf2k2 I just taught him some cheap tricks in a minute and he ends up almost winning. My roommate shoulda won tho cause he’s one of those FOB’s who die for KOF but he had to go after he played one game. We were going to have GGXX too but no one wanted to play


MVC2 (12 people):

  1. Jerry Hong (Team Shoto, Wolverine/Sabretooth/Wolverine)
  2. Robert Sigley (Capt America/Ken/Son Son)
  3. Lucas McCain (Magneto/Sent/Cable)
  4. Matthew Rocco (Storm/Sent/Cable)




i live in highland park which is literally 2 minutes from bush so lemme know when u have another so i can bust out my cammy/sakura/tronne !!!


I think next one is probably going to be March 8th but you should come by sometime and get some casual in if I ever get a dreamcast in here :slight_smile:

What’s great, that Jerry won with Team Weapon X? That team is too good :smiley: