2/18/04 Powerstation LB Bi-Weekly CvS2 results

Ok, here are the results!

Without returning champion Combofiend or Kennywood, Clockw0rk managed to roll through the competition without blinking, save for some good matches coming from Jae. Clockw0rk went undefeated the entire night, and Jae was handed his only two losses by the hands of Clockw0rk.

Player name (Team)
1st Clockw0rk (K-Kyo,Geese,Sagat2)
2nd Jae (K-Ryu,Morrigan,Sagat2)
3rd Rat(N-Ryu,Blanka,Ken2)
4th Deus(K-Yamazaki,Cammy,Sagat2)
T-5th Grimace(C-Eagle,Rock,Yamazaki2)
T-5th Rog(C-Ryo,Blanka,Sagat2)
T-7th Pimp Willy(K-Sagat,Cammy,Blanka2)
T-7th Mr. Great(P-Geese,Rock,Iori2)
T-9th Ven Deisel(C-Guile,Terry,Rugal2)
T-9th J-Diddy(C-Ken,Iori,Blanka2)
T-9th Tex(C-Rugal,Sagat,Blanka2)
T-9th J-Dawg(C-Bison,Morgan,Guile2)

Thanks to everyone who came out. I hope to see you back in 2 weeks, on March 3rd, for the next CvS2 tournament!