(2/2/10) 8 on the Break Weekly #42

Another exciting tourney at the break, and I’m glad to see so many people show up. Lets try to keep this up people!

1: Dieminion (Cammy, Guile)
2: Ryder (Abel, Ryu)
3: Dynicksty (Boxer)
4: EmblemLord
5: MarlinPie
5: TheKidWIthTheChemicals
7: KDZ
7: Dizzy
9: HackerMike
9: Meyhem
9: JSZombie
9: Zart
13: Diego Umejuarez
13: Eugene
13: Quotes
13: Wakawaka

whoever got 3rd place is a fluke.

ggs Diego, Dizzy, MarlinPie, Dieminion, and Ryder!

Whoa 3rd place?? Good job Nick!! See you on Friday?

Lose that mindset dude, your gameplay is improving keep it up.

Ryan check your pms.

Edit: Why am I so free?

GS guys.

Wow Nick…bring that hype Friday man.

yay nick.

:smokin: this is a cool smiley.


Lmao Sagat is the best on SFIV

He is.

But I’m not.

I am losing on a consistent basis. So yeah I think I am playing bison the right way.