[2/20/10] NYC Chinatown Fair 3s 2v2 @ 6pm

Hello Gentlemen,

With the new announcement of Makoto, Dudley, and Ibuki for the next Sf4 Title, I want to be perfectly clear that they will make the game worth playing and that 3s hype wont ever really die. Im determined to shut Andy Auto-Demon up about sf4 being more hype and paid attention to. With that I give you a tourney that for all who dont go to Doylestown can attend.

3s Teams…10 per team
Registation starts at 5, Tourney starts at 6
Character Lock
Double Elim

I don’t understand what 3s teams means. Also do you mean 10 dollars per person or team? Winning team takes all?

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike. 5 dollars per person? I’m probably in this.

Well I have a good feeling this ain’t gonna happen. The description is mad uninformative, and 3’s is dead.
Why don’t you ask Andy to include it in his thread?

Bumping for support

3s is dat crack :smokin:

Who’s coming through? I got a partner.

what’s the quality of the sticks/buttons on the 3s cabs there?

i see that ryu’s cousin HAS got ahold of the 3s cabs