[2/20/10] NYC Chinatown Fairs 2v2 Tournament Results


Hey guys,

I apologize for the late post; my computer contracted some kind of mild trojan - it’s getting fixed but for the past few days I’ve had trouble logging into SRK - but it seems to be working fine now.

Shout out to all that came to the event - it was honestly bigger than I expected, and I hop even more show up for the 2nd 2v2 this coming Friday;

9 teams entered, there were some others who showed up after the tournament started and I was sad that due to the matches already taking place in the second round, they couldn’t be added into the bracket; the tournament ran pretty smoothly and was finished within two hours -

  1. Damdai (Ryu) auto-demon (Gouki)
  2. Erik “SmoothViper” (Sagat) Mike Infinite (Boxer)
  3. Kenny (Rufus) Franky (C. Viper)
  4. Omar (Dictator) John Polluzi (Ken)
  5. Rhys (Boxer) Nate (El Fuerte)
  6. Matt (Dictator) Bob (Gouki)
  7. The Laziest (Boxer) KillaBee (Claw)
  8. Hollywood (Ryu) Rick (Ken)
  9. Will (Gouki) Kwesi (Blanka)

Some of the highlights include Franky beasting with those flame kicks - he and Kenny put Erik and Mike in the losers; Omar and John did some kind of pre-game preparation and returned late, they were given the option to drop out with their money returned to them - or to play in losers bracket; they made an admirable run but was taken out by Erik and Mike.

Losers Finals was a rematch between Franky/Kenny and Erik/Mike - Frank almost flame kicked his way to Grand Finals, but it’s Sagat; one timely DP and ultra ended their run. Also, everyone witness something curious as Rufus’ EX Messiah Kick DID NOT trade with Sagat’s Ultra!!! Heart break, Kenny, heart break.

Grand Finals Damdai was a (scrub) and lost after defeating Mike. I ended up out-laming Erik and I believe ran the clock out once in each match. I ended up staying on to win it in the best of 3 sets.

I took a poll at the end of the night, most were in favor of having a Friday tournament, which will take place on 2/26/10 at NYC Chinatown Fairs, pre-registration is at 7pm and tournament starts at 8pm. So come on down and join us in the second week of the 2v2.


kenny entered a tournament?!?!? holy shit


Kenny entering tournaments??? what is going on??

now he’s posting??!?!?


I will forever be haunted by sagat LOL.


i heard kenny likes dudes



niiicee… Gs kenny.

Seeing you go to tourneys, and seeing you post on srk is still weird to me.



Frankie and I are taking the ctf bus there. I’m deffinately going to winter brawl.


Clearly a Flaker


Good Shit to AutoDemon for Running the clock out on me =(