2/20/11 - W.M.S. 3 - Cedar Rapids, IA - T6/MvC3/SSF4

Plans for our next monthly are already in place, so I thought I’d post it and let everyone get a head start.

Where: Just Jules Pub & Cafe, 835 Center Point Rd NE, Cedar Rapids, IA
When: February 20, 2011
What: Tekken 6 Singles, SSF4 singles, and MvC3 Casuals (PS3 for all)
This is a VGF sanctioned event! (Read below for more.)


So we’re changing venues this time and there is some important info to go along with the change. First, this is a small bar/restaurant, so all the rules that normally apply to a bar/grill applies here. That means feel free to purchase booze, food, or whatever, but if you’re under 21 and try to purchase alcohol, you’re banned forever. Second, we’re getting some cool gifts from the bar as a result of the extra business we represent since Sunday afternoons are dead, especially once football is officially done. See the “BONUS” section below for more info. Third, the bar’s parking lot is around the back and shouldn’t be hard to find. It is small and ghetto, but with hardly anyone there parking shouldn’t be an issue. If need-be, it is surrounded by a residential neighborhood, so you can park on any adjacent street and take the short stroll.


Tournaments starts at 3 PM. For T6, 3/5 rounds, 2/3 matches until finals then it’ll switch to 3/5 matches. For SSF4, it’ll be 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches until finals, then 3/5 matches. $10 entry fee, double elimination. Singles went very smooth last time, so possible side tournies depending on how long people decide to stay. Pot split will be 70/20/10; all EF will go to pot.

We will also be playing MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3. We’re not going to do any paid event, but we’ll definitely have it there and hooked up, so if you’re an MvC freak, come out and show us how it’s done. We will be doing a legit paid tourny for MvC3 at our next monthly, but we just wanna try casuals for this.

As mentioned above, this is a VGF sanctioned event. To find out more about us, visit our site at VGF. What does this mean for you as a player? It’s free, incredibly quick/easy to register, and most importantly, qualifies you for free prizes! I’ll be taking e-mails during registration and automatically creating accounts for players who don’t have one, so if you do not want an account, let me know immediately. By providing your e-mail, it’s presumed that you’re giving us permission to register you with the VGF.


Since we’re bringing extra business to the restaurant on an otherwise slow day, the owner has agreed to throw in some gift cards. We’ll get two $10 gift cards, for sure, and some shirts or something. I’ll be giving those out after the tourny to those who don’t place top 3. If everything goes well and we get a good crowd, they’ll be willing to throw in more the next time around, so it’s especially important for folks to come out so we can jack up that incentive!

Mark your calendars! I’ll be sure to update this post if anything changes.

I’m going to assume you mean Super SF4 and not vanilla. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Like I said in the Iowa thread, I’ll see if I can join up but I normally work every Sunday and don’t really like Tekken anymore.

Yes, I do mean Super. My bad, I’ll change that. You should try to get it off. Support the scene! Better turnout = better free prizes. :smiley:

So, which systems are we talking about for these games?

Sorry, forgot to mention that. PS3 for them all. If anyone would rather play on XBox, I’m fine with that, but the XBox and game would have to be provided since all we have are PS3s.

Only a couple weeks away. Get hype kids!

I’ll be there.

Oh, also, thought I should mention, they’ll be doing $5 baskets for burgers and chicken or tenderloins and fries, so food will be aplenty if anyone gets hungry. Plus booze… which is always good. :smiley:

This news makes me giddy.

Less than a week away, kiddos. If you want the IA scene to grow, come out and support us! Also, feel free to bring your own set-up for a casual station. We should have plenty of extra space.

No way I can make this one but I am going to Kirkwood next fall. :open_mouth:

With all the other Marvel stuff going on, I’m not expecting a huge turnout, but we’ll have several people at least, lol. Hopefully next time around we won’t have all the random release tournies to deal with. :slight_smile: