2/20/11 - WMS3 (IA Monthly) Results



1 jannakazama - drag
2 O.M.A.C. - feng/yoshi
3 keela - hei
4 sukkafoo - raven
5 spam guy - law
5 mystic bill - miguel
7 xiang - ak
7 olli - jack


1 NGamer3k - sakura
2 keela - chun li
3 figgy346 - honda/guile
4 kemps - boxer
5 billy - sakura/ryu
5 mulder - cody
7 vamperial - makoto/rufus

Thanks to everyone for coming out. I thought it was a lot of fun. Venue worked great; I thought we had a good set up. Congrats to Mysticbill and Spam Guy for winning the drawing. I think bill rigs it somehow. Anyway, we did great for the venue even with missing several people, so they’ll definitely want us back which means more prizes for us next time.

My apologies to the SSF4 players if I didn’t put your forum name. New faces to me, so I had to go by what I was given. :slight_smile: I also don’t know who played who in SF4 since I don’t know shit about that game, so if anyone knows I can update the results.

I’ll also have the VGF ratings updated tomorrow sometime. For those of you who didn’t already have a VGF account (mostly the 2D folks), I’ll create accounts for you so that you’ll have a rating. VGF if you need more info.

Next month we’ll do Sentinel vs Sentinel 3: The Fate of Two Sentinels, so prep up on your cheese.


I got the characters for you (From the best of my memory). I’ll definitely be coming back whenever I have a chance, which should hopefully be every month.
Also, that Mongolian grill place was bad ass!


Venue was good from what I saw. Thanks for a well organized event! GGs-- I didn’t get to play Marvel much, though. See you next month.


Updated. Much obliged. :china:


Anyone happen to know what Travis’s srk name is?

…And, yes, Genghis Grill is badass. We go whenever possible. Glad we could introduce you to awesome. :smiley:


nice to meet you guys yesterday, hope you had fun! spread the word so we can get big turnouts in the future :slight_smile:



I had the funs.