2-21-09 KiT:R Results

T5:DR (25 entrants)
1st - Anakin (ATL)
2nd - Lil Majin (TN)
3rd - KodeeVu (TN)
4th - Gene (TN)
5th - jio (TN)
7th - Nikos (AL)
7th - Legend (OH)
9th - Vandy (TN)
9th - Trung (TN)
9th - Drew (TN)
9th - Derrick (AL)
13th - Deathstar931 (TN)
13th - Calvin (TN)
13th - Joseph (TN)
13th - Drago (OH)
17th - Clark (TN)
17th - Taz (PA)
17th - Sluch (OH)
17th - UziClip (??)
17th - Brandon (??)
17th - Zapp (TN)
17th - Combaticus (??)
24th - Courtney (??)
24th - Mike (TN)

SC4 (18 entrants)
1st - Lil Majin (TN)
2nd - Lee (TN)
3rd - Andrew/ThrillerMan (TN)
4th - Legend (OH)
5th - Cory (TN)
5th - Trung (TN)
7th - Derrick (AL)
7th - jio (TN)
9th - Maz (TN)
9th - Sluch (OH)
9th - Poshib (TN)
9th - Jeremy (TN)
13th - Anthony (TN)
13th - Zapp (TN)
13th - Nikos (AL)
13th - Mike (TN)
17th - Milln (TN)
17th - Calvin (TN)

SF4 (16 entrants)
1st - Lil Majin (TN)
2nd - Shin (TN)
3rd - Poshib (TN)
4th - Nikos (AL)
5th - Zinac (??)
5th - Legend (OH)
7th - Joseph (TN)
7th - FlyMike (TN)
9th - DevinSouth (??)
9th - Vandy (TN)
9th - Phil (TN)
9th - Andrew (TN)
13th - Beely (TN)
13th - jio (TN)
13th - Gene (TN)
13th - Calvin (TN)

MKvsDC (8 entrants)
1st - Taz (PA)
2nd - Nikos (AL)
3rd - jio (TN)
4th - Vandy (TN)
5th - Lil Majin (TN)
5th - Derrick (AL)
7th - FlyMike (TN)
7th - Ares (TN)

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I love Game Galaxy, best arcade in the South.

I love KiT, best tournament in the South.

I love everyone that I know and met from every city that came to this lovely arcade for this lovely tournament.

I love Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion.

I love Ganryu and Honda.

I hate I had to leave.

I love Ganryu and Honda.

I looosstt!!!

What’s up everyone!? It’s time for Post Tourney Props & Shout-outs:

So many peeps 2 give props & shout-outs too…where do I start!?

Big props 2 Game Galaxy & DreamTR 4 hosting & also 2 Ian & Charlie 4 runnin’ all the tournies. U guys kick ass! BR kicks ass! Cincy/NKY travelling down 2 Nashville kicks ass! Country Inn kicks ass! My tournament skills & hotel TVs suck ass. Lol. It’s all good I guess. At least I made up 4 it in casuals 4 the most part. Plus Southern Hospitality from cool ppl in TN is god-tier.

Deathstar931: It was cool chillin’ w/ya @ & after the tourney bro. Those Ganny, King, & Wang skills were solid. Thank u 4 letting me know a lot more about that Ganny steps. I was getting high crushed all day. Good stuff bro.

Jio: Good shit in Soul Cal & Tekken bro. Ur Ling is beastly. Definately the best one I’ve seen & played against. Good shit bro.

Fly Mike: Nice 2 meetya bro. I wish we got 2 play some Tekken & Soul Cal against each other. Always a next time I suppose.

Aries: As always, it’s hella cool chillin’ w/ya. Good stuff in BR man. Ur Bryan is very good & that Alissa is very tricky. Exploding head 4 the win. Even though I lost, getting Alissa head will always make u a winner in my book. Lol.

Kodee: Good stuff in BR man. That Lars was pretty damn solid. Keep on using him bro. Definately a kick-ass character 4 sure.

Gene: Nice 2 play u in some BR man. That Hwoarang is beastly w/ that poke & mix-up game u were sporting. Mad props bro.

Lil’ Majin: Good shit on getting 1st in SC4 & 2nd in DR. Bringin’ that A-game as always. Hopefully I can get some games in against ya @ FR12. Always cool chillin’ w/ya bro.

IEatBamboo: Nice 2 meetya man. Ur Kuma is fuckin’ awesome…in both DR & BR. Good games in both Tekkens & nicely done on whoopin’ my ass in BR. Kuma having a Hell Sweep & Twin Pistons in that game was giving me a tough time. Good shit bro.

Brandon: Nice playin’ ya in BR bro. Ur Heihachi & Feng are solid man. It was cool chillin’ w/ya bro.

Trung: Awesome tournament match we had bro. Ur Steve is really good bro. Hope I can play u again sometime in Tekken.

Nikos: Ur Paul just straight-up whooped my ass during the tournament. Good stuff bro. Good shit on out-spacing me & just flat-out playing better than me.

Andrew: Good shit in Soul Cal bro. Ur Maxi is top-notch. I didn’t know what the fuck 2 do against him. Good stuff man.

Derrick: Good tournament match in SC4 bro. That Kilik is just too strong man. Good stuff bro.

Anthony & Zapp: It was cool meetin’ ya guys & getting some SC4 casuals in. That shit was hella fun.

Chase, Kyle, & Jais: As always, it’s hella cool chillin’ w/ya guys. It’s good 2 see that u guys (Kyle & Jais) are likin’ BR. That BlazBlue looks hella sweet. It’s definately a much better version of Guilty Gear, that’s 4 sure.

Cordy: Ur right, I’m trying my damnest 2 make Seong Mi~na look top-tier. Lol. Yeah…that’s just impossible 2 do. Damn her low-tier ways!!! Lol.

Good games 2 everyone else I played & thanks 2 everyone 4 coming out 2 the tourney & makin’ it hella fun.

Take it easy & have a good one. Peace. :china:

Big shout out to DreamTR for the venue and keeping the place open even after closing time. Game Galaxy is the shit and def what I wish every arcade was.

Shout outs to Ian and Charlie. Well run tournament and all around good people.

Cincy had fun and we will be back.