2/21 SOVA City Sound and Media Tournament


Great tournament. Nice venue. Thanks for everyone who showed up and congrats on everyone who placed. Without further delay, here are the results:

Money Winners

  1. Ryry $342.50
  2. 10x $117
  3. Millionz $98
  4. Tiamat $90
  5. Winback $32
  6. Foomy $30
  7. Neo Xian Wu $14
  8. Shawn Don $6.50

Street Fighter 4

1: Ryry ($224.00)
2: 10x ($64.00)
3: Winback ($32.00)
4: KI Sauce
5: Robert
5: Andre
7: Foomy
7: Joe S
9: SMP
9: Kitsune King
9: Aries
9: Aleri
13: Rock
13: dsinnie
13: Jaguar
13: Blackula
17: Khalil
17: Chris E
17: Maximo
17: Spectre General
17: Syber NinJA
17: Shawn Don
17: Unknown Enemy
17: LV
25: Aimforthefeet
25: Styles
25: Neo Xian Wu
25: Corey
25: Chris
25: OJ4
25: Wiki P
25: Millionz

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

1: Millionz ($98.00)
2: Ryry ($28.00)
3: Neo Xian Wu ($14.00)
4: Syber NinJA
5: WORD!!!
5: Gamer X
7: Blackula
7: Aimforthefeet
9: Whodat
9: Winback
9: SMP
9: Blake
13: Scoilist
13: Scooder

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix

1: Ryry ($45.50)
2: 10x ($13.00)
3: Shawn Don ($6.50)
4: Foomy
5: Maximo
5: Robert
7: SMP
7: Syber NinJA
9: dsinnie
9: Unknown Enemy
9: OJ4
9: Millionz
13: LV

Soul Calibur 4

1: Tiamat ($90.00)
2: Winback
3: Whodat
4: SMP
5: Sen
5: Commie
7: Blake
7: Millionz
9: Rich

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

1: 10x ($40.00)
2: Ryry
3: Foomy
4: Winback
5: Styles
5: Unknown Enemy
7: Spectre General
7: Gamer X

Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Round Robin)

1: Foomy ($30.00)
2: Spectre General
3: Unknown Enemy
4: dsinnie
5: OJ4
6: Aleri

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (Round Robin)

1: Ryry ($25.00)
2: Foomy
3: SMP
4: Syber NinJA
5: Unknown Enemy

Tekken Tag (Round Robin)

1: Ryry ($20.00)
2: Scoilist
3: SMP
4: Joe S



gs Ryry

  1. jaguar? Is that even correct? HOW YOU LOSE OVER THERE?

10x gs too didn’t see you.



explain the a3 cause that makes no sense…


i moved to and rep sova now. nova sucks.


i had a good time, hopefully i’ll have more practice.

ggs to everyone i’ve played


damn. i would have won everything minus tekken. gs all.


13th Jag? WTF?

Sorry we didn’t show… Gamestop tournament took priority at the end of the day, and there’s no way you guys would have held up the tournament so we could get down there. Oh well.


Well was an interesting tourny. I WOULD have entered as I said before but some BS arose. Anyway Foomy, Syber…just give it a few weeks and that prolly won’t happen again lol. Good stuff guys. It LOOKED fun. -_-


Good shit. Shout out to everyone who came and played!
Hope we can do this again!


thanks to everyone that came out yesterday.

notes and shouts:
Nick (winback) = Guile-style Ninja
Alpha 3 tournament = shenanigans…but fun to watch
Nelson = 'yes, pedophile’
Marvel = i give in…i like watching people play that game

Foomy - no more Vega
Trent vs SMP could’ve gone a million different ways…wish that round had ben ft10 or something
Spectre - ocho throws and chicken strip sandwiches are top tier sir
wake up supers - why do people love you so?
Sagat - we all know why people love you.
Aleri - get some rest next time man.
ryry - ggs man

side note: if anyone picked up an extra pelican converter yesterday, i’d like to have that back.


it was a fun tournament i had a BLAST and AIM/crew did a great job cannot wait for the next one just wonder where it will be :frowning:

downside is not enough people play TvC to have an honest tournament here so that didnt happen and thats a good game to watch and play if you are into marvel
and noone would play me in MK2…

sf4 is so great i need so much more work on my execution if i plan on beating any top tier chars otherwise i have to join sagat/ryu/rog nation lol
bad lt. i am throwing up a challenge to SMP now
first to 5 for 20bucks next tournament lol

MvC2 was great shame i dont play that game anymore its still fun
A3 i didnt enter b/c i entered damn near everything else and 4 year rust showed lol
HDremix my stick broke…whatever :slight_smile:

jag beat me b/c balrog does one combo to akuma and i die…lol j/k he played good
but he ran into Gen…lol

next time i will do better and thats all i can hope for
see you guys at the next one


gg’s everyone

if there’s a next time, chairs would be reaaaalllllyyy niccceee


Awesome tournament, love the turn out for SF4. Too bad for MvC2 and few of the other games. A little disorganized in the beginning, but it was great none the less.

Spectre: What can I say, I don’t know if I’m improving or what, I just play. I’m willing to just buy that SFAC stick off you.
OJ4: You know how to pick your first round opponents.
Foomyjin: Get a higher place than Winback PLEASE. That Rose is too good.
Winback: Get a lower place than me PLEASE.
RyRy: Stop getting free money from us poor SOVA.
10x: Still holding things up for 3S, stop leveling up your Necromancer.
chandon: Yeah it was fun at Popeyes and new traffic patterns, let’s do better in SF4 next time.
KitsuneKing: Kind of impressed, surprising placings for this tournament all over.
Bad Lt: Come up with a better team name for us when we’re using Cammy/Guile/Ken.
SMP: GGs, I still remember the days at PAGG of getting raped in Marvel by you.
Aleri: Hahaha, yeah I didn’t get to see any of your matches in SF4, but don’t feel so bad about A3, there’s no glory in being good in something that’s dead.
SyberNinja: I still didn’t get my Jr Bacon Cheeseburgers.
Blackula: Great job running the event, just wish you’d stop learning stuff in SF4.
Whiteula: Great event can’t wait for the next one.

Let’s try to get some 360s at the start of the tournament since probably more people are going to have sticks for it next time around and it’ll get more converters to go around for PS3. That team tournament should definitely happen next time though cause that just sounds fun as shit. Too bad I didn’t get all the footage I wanted, nobody likes Sony Duo Memory Sticks anymore.

Here’s all the footage I got from the tournament:


get a car.


big thanks to everyone who ran/helped run the tournament! you guys did a good job. haha once all the ps2s showed up at the end, shit got done real fast. i’m really hoping this happens again. shout outs:

shawnnnnnndon: man of the hour. goooood shit in hdremix. plz hammer don’t hurt em.
kitsune king: SEX ARCADE STICK, i gotta git me one of those. work on dat rog, i need to see some overhead rush downs!
nelson: sa3 yang setups were sex, but missing rice! nooooooo
scooter: no i don’t pay attention when i dress myself :smiley:
ryry: 2 solid 4 me ahhhhh next time, im’ma git you.
foomy: shamwow? more like sham-missthatshitandsoulthrow am i right? hugo lyfe.
bad lt: fuck a tekken.
jaguar: siiiiick balrog. i hate him already.
dsinnie: thank you for going easy on me in HDremix
aleri: i wanna see those videos!


Yo, thanks to Aimforthefeet for setting this up, it was quite an epic tourney with like 20 TVs and PS3s, that venue was pretty ideal for this sort of thing. There must’ve been around 50 people total in attendance, mostly from SOVA cause i don’t think there were that many NOVA heads and I know I’m the only person from Richmond to come.

I like how the people that knocked me out of the SF IV tourney placed 4th and 2nd respectively. :confused:. Truth be told since that was probably only my 8th time ever playing the game, I’m happy that I didn’t go 2 and out. I’ma make that Honda look sexy when I get to play the game at home.

I’m not sure how a Round Robin is scored, but I’m pretty much sure that I got 2nd because I took 1 match off Foomy who was first and UEZ beat me and I was 2nd. I know you were both 0-2 vs. Foomy. At the very least you two should be tied for 3rd. If it’s simply your wins/losses without factoring in who beat who, then we’re all tied for 2nd.

I realize now that I was basically one Jaguar Knee away from beating Foomy, which is a lot better than I thought I’d do vs. him.

All in all the A3 tournament was awesome despite only having 6 entrants. Nelson came out of nowhere beating me and the fact that all y’all took 1 match on me was really impressive and scary.

Winback: I’m impressed with your skills, you don’t usually have much to say on the forums either here or on TZ but you’re cool in person. Next time we WILL play Evil Zone, and I can hook you up with the soundtrack too.

Chandon: “New Traffic Pattern” lol. Good shit getting 3rd in HD, too bad I didn’t get to see any of those matches. Boo on the lack of Sun Drop tho.

SyberNinja: Good to meet you finally, you’re a cool cat, and you play everything. Practice that A3. Next time I’m in SOVA I expect more of a challenge. (Thanks for not using V-Sak though, lol.)

Dude playing 3s, I think your name was Canus: If you read this, good matches. It’s good to see people who put some time in with Sean :tup:.

Styles: You repped Pink Sean harder than me in the 3s tourney, I don’t know what I was doing losing to Nelson… At least when you fall back on Dudley, you’re still Pink Dudley.

Foomy: Good to meet you finally as well, I can see that you play everything quite well. It seemed to me in A3 that you either weren’t ready to play or were simply not in the right mode for that game. I seriously expected you to 2-0 everyone in the A3 tourney including myself, but maybe I’m not giving myself enough credit. You remain one of the only people I know who can consistantly beat me offline in A3. Given that you don’t really play that game and I still do, I hope to change that.

Blackula: You’re an awesome dude, BWW afterwards was hype, I hope you got your tire taken care of. I’d love to come down to your place on one of the days you host, it’s a trek for me, but it would definitly be worth it. Look out for me when BR comes out cause I will be playing that.

OJ4: Tell Biv and Devoe I said whatup.

Dsinnie: Good shit in A3. You should explore a backup character in case people start getting wise to your Chun. I didn’t get to really play you in SF IV but there will be plenty of that going on in the near future.

Aleri: Nice job in 4, I wish you wouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket and write off every other game, but the fact that you’re focusing on it is showing. You’ll be happy to know that we did find a home for your A3. SyberNinja took it since he didn’t have a copy.

10x: Good matches. I would be mad at you for getting better in 3s, but you beat RyRy so you’re forgiven. I know you were sandbagging against me a lot, my timing was truly off in that game, not saying that would have made a difference but online play has ruined me in 3s. Meanwhile that’s literally the 2nd nastiest Necro I’ve ever seen and I’m mad you didn’t even use him in the tournament. I think you would even agree that I’ve improved in that game, but I can tell you have too, a lot, and you were beast to begin with.

Bad Lt.: Flaming Tims, that is all.

Nelson: What can I say except “good shit?” You wanted those wins against me and you earned them. You’ve DEFINITLY gotten better, in both alpha AND 3s, and I’m not JUST saying that cause you beat me. I’d like to keep the SFAC stick though, it’s a collectors item if nothing else.

I’m looking forward to my next trip to SOVA guys. :nunchuck:


[FONT=“Courier New”]Good shit fellas. The game is too good. So i can officially say im back in to competition gaming with sf4 until the AFL starts again.

Syber- we rep low health characters son.

Foomy- that rose scares me

Ryry- a few more online matches wit you, and ill be solid. You are fuckin LEET

Winback- your guile = walking tank. LEET SON LEET

Jag- How i beat that balrog is beyond me, but GG’s man really. Most intense match ive had in a while. GEN FTW!

To everyone else i played, gg’s

Ive said it and ill say it again SF4 is AMAZING[/FONT]


SPECTRE - Yeah man, you got a lot better since the last time we played. I actually think you parry better than I do. Just gotta work on those mind games. We will most definitely play again. SOVA will have to make the trek to RVA sometime.


ok now that i have a few minutes and a cpu to post i would like to give my opinions and shout outs…read on if you dare

First of all thanks to everyone who could make it and showing support
weather it be your last tournament or you didnt have time to enter everything and still managed to show
thank you!
also to everyone who couldnt make it you missed out on what looks like a great scene for sf4 in sova and may actually turn into something good if we dont fuck it up like we always seem to do lol

thanks to aim-blackula and everyone else who helped them run such a big event for sova
the only time i remember that many games going (or having sign ups for) was like vtyme…sure we didnt get the same numbers but it wasnt a major and still had tons of heads…good shit sova and tournament organizers

now onto more serious matter

  1. while it was a great tournament everyone has its flaws (every tournament has a rough start up so thats not a flaw thats tournaments) but some people were forgot in some brackets but it was mass chaos and we should probably have more people taking money for different games to avoid this problem again…one man cannot do the job

  2. FROM NOW ON PLEASE if we are running multiple tournaments pick ONE TV (your best at the time) and run the finals on it…i dont care if it takes an extra few minutes to change consoles its best for the fans and the people making it to the finals to play on “stage” with everyone watching the moment
    with that being said its an absolute shame no one got the sf4 finals on tape
    thats failure and while aim-blackula and myself (being in every game pretty much lol) couldnt stop everything to record (duno who else had a camera there)…thats also the exact same reason everything should be put on hold
    people want to see finals and be able to tape them if possible
    so my opinion is next time hold finals until all tournaments catch up or stop them to let people watch/tape the grand stage of things…how many people watched 10x vs ryry like 7? ugh lol

  3. alot of people were complaining that teams never happend…its sooo hard to run teams and people need to understand with 18275623564234 games going the chances of both teams being ready to play at the same time are slim to none so it had to be held off until last minute…next time to avoid this confusion only run teams if we have less games? i duno just a thought
    overall great tournament those arent knocks just advice on things i hope can be worked out for the better…if my opinions suck…just ignore them i dont mind lol

onto shoutouts
AIM-you did a fantastic job and im looking forward to your next tournament sir

Blackula-read above

Sci-you are much better in TTT then i thought…no offense to you of course i just thought you started with t5 good shit and controllers suck huh

jag-it was nice to play a balrog for a change and my limited time playing showed vs you…next time i will pose a much better challenge

Neo-you should have WON tekken you hear me WON period

millz-you won good shit sir and i mean…your a sc player for god sakes

general-good shit in A3 i promise to practice when i know when we will be playing again

SMP-glad to have you back i enjoy giving you shit when you beat me lol…maybe one day you can beat me in MvC2 ohhhh lol j/k…not really…yes i am…no seriously…

RyRy-you sir have come ALONG WAY period i have much respect for your game and you have always been cool to me…keep your head up you are one of VA’s best and imo could be a very top contender

Foomy-we need to step up our game…we are fucking dinosaurs compared to these guys lol

highlights of the tournament…clotheslines baby
oh and max and rob showing up…means nothing to you people but that was a fucking huge deal to og players…trust me

everyone else thanks for coming out and i cant wait for the next one
and anyone who did not get a shout out dont worry i didnt forget you its just a long ass post
we are all friends here…well most of us LOL
T5dr is dead i say next tournament we just do random select lol


Fun as always. A+ venue, S+ 80’s music.

I felt I was doing great once I was 4-0, but the skill-level really went up when I got up there with the top 2. Wish I had put up more of a fight, but there’s still plenty of room and time for improvement. I think I’m getting closer to a more “patient” Guile style, and I’ve never even played that way before.

Congrats Ryry, and thanks for the advice; it may be the reason I got as far as I did.

10x, I’ve still got everything you told me in my head, so now all I gotta do is apply it until it’s 2nd nature. It’s gonna take some time. Thanks again!

KI Sauce? I owe you a rematch. The second match was too close to call.

Chris E, glad to see you’re still around. Hope we play next time.

Nelson, your camera is awesome, because I actually sound like myself in the video. It was good for me to see how I played from an external view, so thanks for the upload.

Rich, it looks like you did good despite the little SFIV practice you had. I just got off AIM with you so I know you’re working more on that Gen. Keep it up!

Blackula, don’t worry pal, I won’t forget ya.

Spectre, post up whenever you can make it out to a SoVA gathering again, and you’ll be sure to play the ultimate hero…DANZAIVAAAAH.

Always good to see the usual SoVA crowd. I’ll probably see you guys again this weekend.

Thanks again. Take it easy, everyone.