2/21 SVGL results

Hella people (well, for SVGL anyway) showed up out of nowhere for a random weekly tourney. Ricky was stuck at UCB though, and Choi was out somewhere chasing the Viet hoes.


1st: Campbell “Can I Get A Raging Demon?” Tran : N-Iori/Morrigan/Hibiki
2nd: Kim-Hahn “<3 Morrigan” Hoang : C-Sagat/Rolento/Blanka
3rd: David “Dope Brackets” Dial : various A-teams
4th: Oliver “TRICKY T” Tavas : C-Ken/Chun/Sagat

Highlights: Gunter was scheduled to play Choi in the first round, but since Choi couldn’t make it anymore he won his first two matches, then beat Nelson in a close match to get a guaranteed top 3 placing in winners finals. Nelson randomly shows up out of nowhere, does pretty good, loses to Gunter in winners and Kim in losers. In the grand finals, Kim beats me the first set 2-1 (with a pretty crazy Blanka comeback), then I won second set 2-0.


1st: Anthony “DON’T MAKE ME GET INTO THE MATRIX” Leon : Sent/Storm/Capcom
2nd: Alex “One Day Campbell Will Remember My Last Name” : MSS (rp)
3rd: Kim-Hahn Hoang : Sent/Strider/Doom
4th: Mikey “Needs To Come Out And Play More” Rasphone : Storm/Sent/Capcom

Highlights: Again, I didn’t watch too much of this so somebody else gotta fill in for me. Hella random people showed up out of nowhere for this tourney though, making it the biggest non-event MvC2 tourney we’ve had in a long while. Uhh… in winners Mikey and Alex were tied 1-1, Mikey has a nice lead with 3 healthy characters. Alex has 15% Sent and 5% Mag. Alex DHCs Mag in, comes back and wins in like 10 seconds. Alex loses to Kim in winners, beats Kim in losers finals. In grand finals, Alex wins the first set 3-1, Anthony wins the second set 3-0.


1st: Campbell Tran : Chun
2nd: Oliver Tavas: Ken
3rd: Daniel “NO CHUN LI NOOOO” Tran : Urien/Ken

Highlights: None really. We’re all horrible at this game. I must say though, my Chun is pretty crazy when I go into spaz mode.

how did campbell trazzle do in mvc2?

gg to ya’ll and yes i got pissed off when i lost in da finals against anthony, but hey, he is a beast!!!:eek: i dunno how i did tho, i think i did pretty good well, i guess i need to practice more:D


Oh yeah back at “our spot” on Saturday EVERYTHING was broken. MVC2, CVS2, and even after Spawn was fixed it was broken. I was able to fix CVS2 with a bandaid LITERARLY (dont ask how I’m ghetto like that). But shit still sucks.

In conclusion come back over hurr so I can play you. I haven’t played some body good in so long that I forgot my good team.

good job alex,anthony gets hella bitter every time he looses to you…LOL!-You should be woopin on him though!

         shut up dude, i'd like to see u do something in the tournament u havn't even played in one so i wouldn't be talkin, and yeah i might go over there to beat ur ass again j/k:lol:

CHUNKSTAAAA!!! Good shit, man. =D! REP TEAM RAINBOWS!~!!

CvS2 footage is in my Soulseek folder. Look for me as Yoshio, I’m almost always in the japanese music room.

Tournaments are dumb. I get more money playing all the people over here for money. Not that I even need the money.

    dude, how are they dumb??:confused: u can't beat none of us here that's why u go over there at NC to beat random people who don't even play the game as much. Also, the sticks are fucked up over there and i still beat u and ur used to them:eek: 

Well SA.M if u want to get good u should start going somewhere were there is good ppl:cool: i might go to NC on friday and maybe ill bet u money 10 bucks if i beat u 10 times in a row and u only have to beat me once. Sounds like a deal?:evil: :evil:

This firday I’m going to be too busy taking derek’s $300.
I can’t beat none of you there? WHAT THE FUCK? You might want to reconsider that.
Also watch me beat derek first then decide if you should put money up against me.

P.S. I’m not used to the sticks, because every week there is something different broken.

hey Gunter, how do I get to that Folder? I wanna check out these matches =)


alex i wasnt there but good shit to you and ant. peace.

p.s `im on the come up in marvel!

 what do u mean you're on the come up on marvel??

nothing much. just trying to get better so i can actually place in a tourney.

p.s` check your private messages.

 aiight now u check ur PM:lol:

I’ll put money on it, that you can’t beat people like AnthonEEZy, commonknizzle, Kim, Chunstizah, “big lots” Steven, or any of us random Salinas people (CJ, Jose, Kelly, etc…)

Plus, you’re always like “Come to NC if you want to play me so I can ownz0rz you!!”… Yet, like 2 post later, you’re like “Man, our sticks suck and always get fucked up.”

…Yeah… Like we’re ganna go somewhere even YOU said the sticks are fucked up. Wow, you’re smart. =\

Props to alex!!!

Hes one of the few players than can keep his head in a game and stay under control making you play till the finish or else he’ll come back and destroy you.

i think alex has the most potential out of anyone, his focus is something very few have.

imree is definitely getting alot better, AIM me at anthonEEEzy foo!
where was korngo =/

hella foos showing up

good seeing Mikey R!! and Larry S. =P

Good ish to alex on his first match in the tourny, all i saw was

what a beast.


perfect? :eek:

The reason why I don’t leave NC or care too much about the condition of the machines is because (and Alex knows this) I AM NOT THERE FOR THE GAMES, I AM THERE FOR THE PEOPLE. The best people hang out there all my best friends hang out there I don’t go there to play games if I did I would have moved over with Alex to GL a long time ago.

If you have ever played me you would understand why people come all the way over to NC to play me.