2/21 SVGL results

 thanx anthony,:) :D :cool: i appreciate that
    he wasn't even in this tournament....... maybe the last one

No, I think I won. Amazing isn’t it.

LOL, S.A.M, STFU. All you do is talk shit and never show up and claim all you care about is the people. This is the truth: You suck, Alex would whoop you as would anyone at svgl. So don’t bother showing up. Even I am winning tourney matches, hell, I’d prob own you. So unless you want to show up and be a man, stick to scrubs at NC.

  1. Show me where I talked shit
  2. Show me where I said I would show up and I didn’t

EXACTLY. You don’t have a fucking say in this, so shut the fuck up and don’t start throwing up random assumptions on my skill level when you haven’t even played me. A couple of people did that and they ended up taking it back like bitches.

Alex try to show up on friday, so I can play you after I’m done robbing Derek of his money. Also 2 Spawn machines are working so bring extra cash if you wanna play me for money.

Uhhhh, no offence guy, I have no beef with you or anything, I kinda don’t care why you go to NC or anything. I was just responding to when you said “tournaments are dumb” and “I can’t beat none of you there? WHAT THE FUCK? You might want to reconsider that.”

And for someone who doesn’t go to NC for games, you sure do get pretty protective over you’re “skill level”.

ANTHONEEEEEZY! I was at work. =((((((

To be honest I don’t know why I get all competitive either.

Only person I need to play is Alex. I don’t care about anyone else.

         why? u should play other people too cuz if u only play me other ppl are going to kick ur ass hella bad:lol: :lol:

Like I said I could give a fuck about anyone else. I just need your ass. So come get it, cause I got a new trick called “Sa.m rigged the controls so your side can’t go back/block”


Errrrbudy in this batch gettin’ tipsy

I heard the nEEzy got tipsy before the finals =O

SA.M wants chunksta’s ass =O!

SA.M, stop being a gay, that shit doesn’t sound right to everyone in this thread:mad: and i ain’t gay:mad:

I might’ve played you too. I went to nickel city a couple times back in the day, like 3 years ago in my frosh year. I probably used Magneto/Marrow/War Machine or something along those lines.

Also, Alex should never lose ever.

  well, guess what....... i was playing on a fucked up cabinet and i was whupping the shit out of everyone there with team row and if u say i never lose. of course i wouldn't lose, untill the stick started getting worse and that's how i lost:lol: im not mad, im just telling u, im not going to NC again untill like april or late march.And when i go, i won't lose. not even once:cool: :evil: