2/22/09 - Play n Trade SF4 tourney New York City

Hey guys, the best game in the world is coming out next month. STREET FIGHTER 4 for the console. Soooooo Play n Trade will be running with the help of Chocolate Lemon.

Street Fighter 4
February 22nd at 1PM
1st Place - $150
2nd Place - 100
3rd Place - Nice pat on the back

Other prizes - 10 Passes to the movie for legend of chun li, autographed posters, 4-5copies of sf4, and non-autographed posters.
System it will be played on - XBOX 360
$15 entry fee


2 out of 3 Double Elimination
3 out of 5 Winner/Loser/Grand Finals
Winner keeps same character while loser can choose another character.

Every char will be legal for this tourney. So Seth and Gouken are allowed YAYYYYYY!!!

Lets make the community bigger.

Play n Trade
137 East 13th St - Union Square
Between 3rd and 4th avenue.

and check out this site, www.clgamer.com


Pre reg

  1. Noel
    3.Angry panda
  2. DS
  3. Capcom Fan
  4. Evil Rahsaan
  5. Master Chibi
  6. Snake
  7. Phire
  8. Andre
  9. LIJoe
  10. Javits
  11. Rome
  12. Red Coyote
  13. Strikeshell
  14. arturo

first post?im godlike!im getting second because im going to learn the cheapest stuff i can find while practicing with justin and i wont tell anyone about it til tournament comes.hahaha

im in. gotta get that practice in lol.

I will be there.

sf4 tourny? ille show up.

I’m in there. SF4 is the new crack!!!

I’n getting my revenge from when you hit me with that peter pan bullshit :rofl:

I got no problem peter panning a nigga if i need to.:bgrin:

first post updated and pre reg please!!!

Count me in.

add me too…I wanna play…something :confused:

whoa forgot to no homo dat :rofl:

Hey Justin we will be there to show our support!

Not to take away any numbers of tournament attendance, we pushed our tournament back to the first of March. If your not busy stop in. $5 to play, minimum $200 first prize! Prize goes up with attendance.

We also gave you a shout out on our tournament posting to build some hype for ya.


hmm might go there. is there a entry fee for the place?

blazeu: its just $15 and thats it

brain: Hey thanks for the support and I will come out to your tourney for sure and how many of u exactly are coming?

thnks for the response. and im guessin 3ppp and 3kkk r allowed for pad players? since its impossible to hit 3 buttons on pad

yes u can button map if ur using a pad

update the prizes. The movie people from the Legend of Chun Li agreed to get us some passes to see it, there are autographed posters on the way and non autographed stuff.

I’m still working on the mystery grand prize O_O

also i’m in this

first post updated. Ppl need to join join

count me in!!

I’ll swing by if I can.