2/22 UCLA MvC2/CvS2/A3 Results


MvC2 (28 Entrants)

1st-David Lee (Mag/IM/Sent, Mag/Cable/Sent, Storm/Cable/Doom)
2nd-Harry Potter (Mag/Cable/Psy, Storm/Sent/Cable, Mag/Cable/Tron)
3rd-Alex Salguero “SiN” (Sent/Cable/CapCom)
4th-Daniel Maniago “Clockw0rk” (Sent/Strider/Doom, Storm/Sent/Doom)

CvS2 (19 Entrants)

1st-Alex Salguero “SiN” (C-Vega/Blanka/Yama)
2nd-Jason Cole (K-Vega/Sagat/Cammy/Bison)
3rd-Ed Ma (N-Sakura/Yama/Bison/Cammy)
4th-Daniel Maniago “Clockw0rk” (K-Sagat/Ryo/Bison)

A3 (8 Entrants)

1st-James Chen "jchensor"
2nd-Ed Ma
3rd-Jason Cole

Don’t know what characters were used in A3. Someone can fill that in. I thought the tournament ran really smoothly, even with one CvS2. Sorry about the fuckin’ fire alarms. Next tourney will be in about a month…


Damn Clock, I should’ve beaten you in CvS2…don’t know why the hell I thought that lvl 3 super was gonna chip you to death. But props to you. You play pretty damn well.

Chen used A Gief, V Cody, and A Guy.
Ed Ma used A Guy.
Cole used V Sak and X Rose - Sirlin style :slight_smile:


Good Shit SiN. Peace Out!!


Actually, I used A-Gief, V-Cody, and V-Mika in the tourney.

Ed Ma used A-Guy and A-Karin. And one time used A-Zangief against me. :frowning:

Jason Cole used A-'Sim, V-Sakura, and X-Rose. :slight_smile:

And a whole whopping 8 people signed up for that tourney. But it was still fun. :slight_smile:

  • James


I used Cody too. Cody’s the ultimate Gief killer. :lol:


I remember one time at Del Taco, it was me, Ed Ma, Omni, Chen, Aric Tutley…

…And Ed Ma and Omni kept giggling everytime they looked at me. It was quite amazing…


Who wouldn’t giggle at the sight of the adorable Jason Deheras??

  • James




Its because they both thought you had a cute ass!! LOL



Keep killin Dirty Cole…Show em what ur made of…and Sin uses C-Yama…??? Nice shit…