2/23/08 Ashburn, VA C3 (DC/MD/VA)- February Fury results

Thanks to everyone that came out(philly, nj, etc) hope everyone had a good time. cvs2 was cancelled due to lack of interest, hopefully MD can come down next time…anyways:


  1. Eric Kim
  2. Therapist
  3. exodus
  4. Shinshay
  5. Plural
  6. Steve Harrison


  1. MarlinPie
  2. Kenji
  3. Steve Harrison
  4. HNH
  5. Shazay
  6. Mulligan


  1. Comeback
  2. Biron
  3. Steve Harrison


  1. Sanford
  2. Big Word

Shoutouts to jaguar, seth, and krost for helping out with the brackets. we had alot more space this time, the new layout for tvs helped out alot. ggs with everyone, hope to see you guys at Final Round:china:

it was on the front page, they should’ve actually read it

Good job guys. Props to Eric for winning 3S, props to Kyle, Biron, and Steve in ST. How many people played ST? Sorry I didn’t come out, wish I could have.

sure could have used some super pretzels!!!

you’re worthless. good job going home before the tournament can even start:rolleyes:

we had an 8 man bracket for ST, david

Long drive home. Anyway, good times, guys. Even when there’s not that many people there, it’s fun to hang around with the C3 guys.

yeah dave wish u could of came out wanted to see a honda vs honda rematch with you but i did get lil bit of that with biron he practicly mirrord u :slight_smile: thanks to steve h for givin me such a scare u are such a patient player it was good to finally get some games in st with you specially in that high level play TY cya all at next time

No Marvel = No Petey. :frowning:

Good shit in 3s, Eric.

no super pretzels = no GOD :slight_smile:

couldn’t make the lockin…i failed.

the rockband drumset was heavily worn by the time i got to it during tournament time…although i love rockband at C3…i also kind of wish that it doesn’t get used and abused by so many people. and to top it off, the kickdrum pedal is once again broken in half…makes me want to invest in a metal one.

i wanna especially thank therapist/kyle/plural for consistently coming down. it’s great to have players who are willing to come out and have a great time, despite the long drive and sometimes not so great attendance.

to all those people who DIDN’T make it, shame on you all.

Attendance was rubbish but games were good. GGs to everyone I played in Guilty Gear and (lol) Tekken… Marlinpie, HnH, all of VA, Sanford, Jaguar, etc. My Lili game is such trash, I really need to learn the game for real and not play so gimmicky. It was good playing Tekken casuals for a little against people other than UMBC regulars.

good shit to everyone, work owns me.

cant believe you guys let eric win, shame on yall.

Sorry I couldn’t make it out but I was rather…occupied.

I would’ve been pissed if I came and there was no CVS2 anyway.

Pretty much due to lack of interest/laziness none of my boys were trying to ride down there. Sux…cuz MAD was pretty much the last C3 that MOD will able to go to before he leaves to Japan until the end of time. At this point though I’m more focused on getting ready for FRXI. Gonna have to see if I can get the Friday before off to make it easier to get a decent plane ticket.

GS to Eric Kim, Therapist and erryone else that made them top spots in that 3rd. Keeping dat 3rd Shizzle hype in MD/VA. Plural some new guy? Maybe I’m just forgetting who that is. No CVS2 kinda sux but I guess that’s due to Baltimore peepz not coming out. Still better than the non existant Marvel tourneys. I’m guessing things ran pretty quickly seeing that a lot of people were missing and CVS2 wasn’t even run.


WORST C3 TOURNY EVER!!?!?:shake:

First let me take out the trash!?!?!

Pat u are not a god…just a FAT FUCK!!! :rofl:

Fat fucks dont need Pretzels…they need exercise…and in ur case…money, a car, girl…etc…etc…and stop bumming money of people…im sure NKen would appreciate it???
Sorry everyone this bum had it coming!?!?!?:arazz:

…Therapist almost came back 2 full sets on Eric K…but E Kim figured out his style play and clutched victory!!!:looney:

Good Finals…2 bad 4 people watched…lmao

SHouts to Sanford, Comeback, Therapist, Kenji, Mamation, Eric lee, Steve H, etc…etc…

ERic V out

any vids?

oh, and grats marlin :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you guys really gonna bitch every time people don’t show up for one tourney?

Khang Im looking at you, Eric Kim less so because your comments could be taken either way and are only slightly derogatory, while Khang is clearly making comments about Baltimore, thereby taking direct shots at me. And please don’t post and say oh Im not talking about you or taking any shots Im just thanking the people who did come or similarly play dumb.

Its gay shit like this that makes me even less inclined to come out as it is.

Congrats to placers.

you got better in tekken from the last time i remember playing you. you are starting to get used to the tekken gimmicks, which is a good/bad thing. for lili, it’s good to gimmick people because she is a gimmicky character. thats why i dont like fighting her. she’s got a really good hopkick and mids that go under highs and launch. just work on some more basics (like punishing) and you’ll be fine.

Why are people bitching about players not showing up? I’d think its not serious or anything but–people have things that come up thats part of life–most people do try and put time aside to come out but I can imagine being busy is pretty normal. Anyways, hopefully more people will come out to the next C3 as well as myself.

??? its not a big deal people. cvs2 will be back next month