2/23/08 Ashburn, VA C3 (DC/MD/VA)- February Fury

big and soft for pat.


loaded baked potato pretzel?



I’ve got a huge list of shit that will make you go :looney:

the only thing that will live up the hype of MAD is more cowbell or pretzels.

If you actually expect to get sleep at a lockin, you need a head check. I always left the lockin to go home to sleep, cuz you know… I actually had to run a tourney the next day.

February Fury gets the “Robin Palm alliteration technique for naming tourneys” approval.

December was so weak.

that was purely brandon’s fascination with bison…the fury was all mine:nunchuck:

eric am i readin ur sig right 4/19/08 is a c3 event my 21st is the 18 u no what that means im coming to lockin drunk as fuck :slight_smile:

lol gs comeback!

Should I stay or should I go?
Should I stay or should I go?
If I stay there will be trouble.
but if I go, there’ll be double
so cmon and let me know
should I stay or should I go?

I want to come to this. MM???

Are you going to get scared and dodge me again??

lol haha lets play for $100

I like the way you think sir

do it

gs, we can find something to do that night:)

and ken go ahead and pay justin for once

What does that even mean? I’ve lost money to Justin before, it’s just not going to happen again.

NKEN VS JUSTIN FOR FEBRUARY FURY!!! we bring the hype every month wuts good. i’ll record it

I’ve got some further plans involving Justin MMs too that’ll have to be unveiled at a later time, C3 STAY HYPE!!!

good shit