2/23/08 Ashburn, VA C3 (DC/MD/VA)- February Fury

looks like canada bought the empire. gettem sar N KEN!


i smell rockband!!! gdlk!!!


Fight da powa.

I predict Storm OCVing atleast 3 games. Wolvie wont be able to get in. :sad:

Always looking forward to C3’s.

i see adamantite claws up storm’s ass in double penatration fashion…but thats just how i see it…

therapist is a regular. gs to coming out to most of these…arent you out of state?

lol false, they’re gonna call ME the rapist after this match.

Yeah, I’m from PA. About 130 miles away. C3’s always worth it, though. It’s definitely the most laid back and fun scene I’ve been to.

u fat fuck

we didn’t even play rock band during the tournament. brandon you sellout!

btw, seriously. those people who expect to sleep during a lock-in…that’s absurdly retarded. the point of a lock-in is to stay up all night and game. if you want to sleep, stay home like that kimmicks fella!

btw, i bought all the rock band downloadable content. im bringing my HD next time!!! WHATS GOOD???

I’m gonna be singing all night.

Khang > life

I got that rockband shit too now, my vocals gonna be sharp by tournament time

rckbnd. gdlk.

Are you saying Rockband is ur god pat?

what?? im jewish so we believe in evolution… and Hercules… and stuff…

o and rckbnd!!! gdlk!!!

Aren’t you a dirty red injun or something? HOW. WE EATUM CORN. RED MAN CALL IT MAIZE. RED MAN IS WRONG. I guess that means you hate Thanksgiving, right?

In other news:
I’ll be at C3 for the lockin the night before for hardcore training. I haven’t played anyone since I got back home (Christmas) and I haven’t played anything but AH since the last C3 I went to (July I think). Who wants to whup up on me?

honestly at the lockin, possibly no one. you will get some ST comp at the lockin though:sweat:

and his name is PAT VAN PELT…don’t be so surprised people

PVP could possibly be the whitest name ever. He cant be Indian he doesn’t have Chief in his name. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

yea…ur the last person here that should be talking about names…i bet yours has every letter of your alphabet:looney: