2.23.08 East Coast Brawl, WIlmington, DE - SF3, GGXX, DOA, VF, T5DR

WARNING VENUE CHANGE SOR Gaming has closed and I moved the tournament to Virtual Rush.*

GVN returns to bring you the East Coast Winter Brawl. It will be held Saturday, February 23rd, 2008 at Virtual Rush in Media, PA.

Promo Video - [media=youtube]-up92og6voI[/media]

There will be a Regular and Tag Team(singles) Tournament for DOA4. There will be a singles tournament for Virtua Fighter 5 , Tekken 5 DRStreet Fighter 3, and Guilty Gear XX AC. Super Smash Bros. Melee has been added…

If you wish to add a game to the tournament and can prove that there will be number to support it then contact either myself or Virtual Rush.

contact info - hubbsdoctor@gmail.com

Registration will be at 12pm. The show will begin at 3pm. Show up at least an hour early for registration.

Alternative Transporation!

Directions via train and bus from Center city Philly.

Take the R3 train towards Media/Elwyn. Hop off the train at Elwyn station. Walk to the bus stop and take the northbound 117 bus. The next stop is to the granite run mall. Get off at the mall and walk to the AMC theatre. Virtual Rush is located behind the AMC theatre.

Venue Information:

Virtual Rush
1145 W. Baltimore Pike
Media, PA 19063

Sponsor information:

Feel free to bring your copy of DOA4 and VF5 just in case they don’t have enough copies. I will be bringing my DOA4, VF5 and HD just in case. You may also bring you HD if you wish to use an unlocked character(doa4). You may also bring your PS2’s and a copy of 3S and GGXX AC to help out with those tourneys.

Entry fee - $10 ($7SOR, $3GVN)

DOA4.1 Tag $10
DOA4.1 Singles $25
VF5 $10
T5DR $10
Street Fighter 3: 3S - $10
GG XX AC - $10
SSBM - $10

Each game will roughly start at the Following times.

SSBM - 3:00pm
DOA4 tag - 3:00pm~
DOA4 Singles - half an hour after tag ends
Tekken 5 DR - 4:00~
Virtua Fighter 5 - 4:00
SF3 & GGXX - 5:00


-Best of 5 rounds/3 match points(doa, tekken, vf5)
-Best of 3 rounds/matches(SF3, GGXX)
-Finals will be Best of 5 rounds/matches
-Double Elimanation
-Game Type - DOA 4.1, Tekken 5 DR, VF5 ver c Xbox
-You are allowed to bring your own controller or arcade stick (please mark it)
-Programmable/macro controllers/sticks are not allowed.
-60 second time limit(DOA), Time is 60 seconds(Tekken and VF)
-Random level select
-Dangerzones allowed (DOA)
-Life is set to Largest(DOA)
-Character customization is not allowed.(Tekken 5 DR)
-Life setting is 100% (Tekken)
-Guard damage is off(Tekken)
-Jinpachi is banned (Tekken)

Super Smash Bros. Melee Rules:

-No wireless or 3rd party controllers
-4 stock
-2/3 sets
-3/5 finals
-8 minute time limit
-double elim
-Items off
-Ties broken by lives, then %
-First stage agreed upon or random
-DSR (Dave’s stupid rule) - No stage may be used twice in a single set if the counter-picking player has already won on that stage.
-Wobbling banned
-constant excessive match stalling or running away to win a match is banned. First time is warning, second time is disqualification.
-The Ice Climber Freeze Glitch is banned
-Jigglypuff’s rising pound stall is banned
-Peach’s bomber stall beneath levels where she is unreachable is banned (example: FoD)
-Banned Stage List: DK Island: Kongo Jungle, Eagleland: Onett, Eagleland: Fourside, F-Zero, Grand Prix: Big Blue, Hyrule Temple, Infinite Glacier: Icicle Mountain, Lylat System: Venom, Mushroom Kingdom I, Yoshi’s Island: Yoshi’s Island, Past Stages: Yoshi’s Island, Superflat World: Flat Zone, Termina: Great Bay

Prize money will be divided:
1st place - 70%
2nd place - 20%
3rd place -10%

Hope many people return and have a great time.

People coming:
HuBBs - vf5, doa4
EscapingJail - vf5, doa4
Kasumichan - doa4, 3s?
NinjaCw - vf5, doa4
Nastrodamus - GGXX, T5DR, 3S(?)
Chosen1 - doa4
Evil H20 - SSBB, doa4
Phoenix - doa4
Viper Excess - doa4
Cheif Flash - vf
Chef Boy - vf
Chief flash buddy 1 - vf
Ch3wy - DOA, SSBB
TornadoFlame - vf5, doa5, 3S
Fumetsu Gaitsu - doa4
Vanity Assassin - doa4
FecalPenance - GGXX
Nightmare16 - doa4
Coltz -doa
Joltage - doa
Super Elite -doa
Belle - doa
HolyForce - doa
Rikuto -doa
Steve Omaru -doa
Lowsweep - doa, vf5
Nightmare - doa
TOM BRADY - doa, vf?
Kirby Style - doa
Offbeat Ninja - Doa
Wolf_Mishima - VF5
Akira Zero - VF5
Perfect Legend - vf5, 3s
Divine Plague - doa
highguy - doa, vf5?
jinmaster - doa, t5dr
Dante DMC3 - vf5, doa4
fightinggm - t5dr
The Realyst - t5dr
The Realyst /w NYC
Who?DarthPaauuW - t5dr
the exalted - t5dr
YsFanatic - doa4
ling Massacre - t5dr
sabin - 3s
tigerhobs - 3s?
phunnykid - t5dr, 3s?
heart of hatred - 3s

ulovemikeroch - t5dr
ulovemikeroch friend 1
ulovemikeroch friend 2
VA-Jaguar - t5dr, 3S
kPc - t5dr
Jus J3F - t5dr
Grimly Grizzly - t5dr
Konjou_Akira - doa, vf5, 3S
H2O Legend - doa, vf, t5

pretty far in advanced… so ill be there for GG, T5Dr though…

you take the R2 from philly… :slight_smile:

oops. you are correct sir. thanks.

I’m thinking that we can double the number of people for SF3 this time. I want at least 20 people coming for SF3 and GGXX. I saw the numbers of people for NEC for both. We can do better than 8 and 10 people.

Nas your going to this and didnt have ST going im not goin now :frowning: man thought u wanted to get more practice in it

aww come on comeback. you know you wanna come.

list updated.

is this in a arcade or video game store and how far is it from the wilmington flea market?

um… wait what?.. if ST is up there… im going to enter that too…


Its a lan/gaming center. Its on Naaman’s road, bout 10-15 miles from I-95.

list updated. C’mon lets beat the last GVN 3S tourney of 10 people. Start speaking up people.

it’s still december my good sir… the tourney is in late feb. relax… plenty of time…

while this is true, I found that it is easier to get more people to come when you promote early. But Iguess I will relax a little bit.

i’ll be there for ggxx…

ha… nice… more ggxx goodness…

So no team tourneys? Also hubbs, you can put me under the “Maybe” section for me for T5DR. If I end up going i’m probably also gonna end up bringing a couple friends who will also enter T5DR too. By the way, is it really only one person thats entering DR?

sadly yeah because the people at zaibuatsu don’t seem to care about the post I made there.

I’m thinking about going, it depends how long the drive is and how much money I have.