2/23/08 Gvn 4

First I want to apologize to the 4 people that showed up for Third Strike. I’m sorry that I only had the xbox version available to you. I was still under the impression Heart of Hatred would show up with his copies as I do have a ps2.

However the tournament was poorly ran, mostly due to me one person, trying to run a 27 man tekken, a 24 man doa and a small 6 man SSBM. However someone from each stepped up and lent a hand.

As far as I can tell and from talking with as many people as possible, everyone had fun despite how slow lop-sided the event was.

Tekken results:

1 ryry
2 GM
3 spero gin
4 liquid
5 exalted
5 Brian h
7 phunnykidd
7 jtime
9 grimm
9 ling massacre
9 turkeasy
9 tyerealyst
13 matt
13 lagtastic
13 foxfire
13 arturo
17 M4xpwng
17 master of the gods
17 hoon
17 Elo
17 dr Dogg
17 Real Law
17 blood hawk
17 loc
25 isaacp
25 Penguin
25 thomas
25 tigerhobs

DOA results:

  1. Perfect NinjaCW
  2. Rikuto, Baron of doom
  3. Offbeat Ninja
  4. Dave Cheppelle
  5. TheHighGuy
  6. Silent Legend
  7. Super Elite
  8. H2O Evil
  9. Rabies
  10. Cali Jared
  11. Chosen1
  12. Escaping Jail
  13. Chimera Kasumi Chan
  14. Dante DMC3
  15. oCH3WYo
  16. Zap B
  17. Phoenix212
  18. Sapphire
  19. Master Gamer
  20. Mystik
  21. Belle
  22. Tom Brady
  23. Dr. Dogg
  24. Hubbs

SSBM results:

  1. Andrew
  2. Wolfe
  3. Steve
  4. Schiava
  5. Evil H2O
  6. oCH3WYo

Sorry I couldn’t go hubbs, with SAT’s and all next week my schedule is sorta packed. I didn’t realize that you’re tourney would be the week before SAT’s when I signed up while back so sorry about that.

Even though you said it didn’t go that well, seeing the comments over at TZ made it seem like it ran pretty smoothly. Even with just you and another guy running they said they had a good time so thats good. I hope you do get a different place cause that Cyber Cafe didn’t seem to work well.
If you’re running any other events, like a Spring Brawl or even a Summer one, I’ll definitely go to those. Don’t wanna miss out any more chances.
Oh yeah, good shit with that last place in DOA!

lol. you run a bunch of tournaments at once and try to concentrate on your game and see how far you get. If it wasn’t ran by me I would’ve placed higher cause I would’ve had less stress.


yeah you did fuck up, considering i came there thinking 3s would be there