2/23 Puerto Rico (PR) Palanquita Tourney Results: CvS2, MvC2, 3S


Very well run tourney overall. Could have used some more players in some of the tourneys, but that always happens. Good job by the Palanquita staff and thanks for hosting a tournament for us. Without further ado…


  1. Mario Canales “Cano2k”: MSP, Mag/Cable/Sent, Sent/Storm/Capcom
  2. Csar Toro “Spyro”: Mag/Cable/Doom, Sent/Cable/Capcom, Storm/Sent/Capcom, Mag/Cable/Cyke
  3. Alfredo “Vercek”: Mag/Cable/Cyke, Sent/Cable/Capcom
  4. Guillermo Rosario “el cabron #1”: MEGAMAN/Cable/Commando, Storm/Sent/Tron
  5. Ismael Toro “Mr.Shooter”: BH/Cable/Cyke
  6. David “Highroller”: Sent/Cable/Capcom


  1. Mario Canales “Cano2k”: A-Vega/Hibiki/Cammy-2, A-Vega/Sakura/Cammy-2
  2. Nestor Corchado “Sage”: C-Sagat/Chun/Cammy-2, A-Vega/Bison/Cammy-2
  3. Paco Vilar “Gandido”: A-Blanka/Sakura/Bison-2, A-Chun/Bison(?)/Rolento-2(?), N-Ryu/Blanka/Chun-2, N-Sagat/Blanka/Chun-2
  4. Csar Toro “Spyro”: N-Vega/Blanka/Sagat-2
  5. Nestor Berros “Magness”: A-Ken/Nakoruru/Sakura-2, A-Rolento/Sakura/Ken-2
  6. Jesus Rivera “KOKE” - N-Gief/Kim/Sagat-2


  1. Alfredo Santiago “AJ/SlashK”: Yun SAIII, Urien SAIII, Ken SAIII
  2. Javier “AGM”: Blue Urien SAIII (:))
  3. Paco Vilar “Gandido”: Ken SAIII, Yun SAIII, Makoto SAII, Ibuki SAI
  4. David “Highroller”: Yun SAIII
  5. Nelson Garca “ROCCO”: Dudley SAIII, Remy SAII
  6. Nestor Berros “Magness” Yun SAI, Ken SAIII

Comments: Apparently it was Mario’s chance to step into the spotlight he has earned for so long, and he finally got it. As for AJ, we all knew he was going to get the 3S prize, so bah. A lot of issues were solved, and shit talking was everywhere.

-MvC2 winners finals between Cano2k and Spyro: 3-1
-MvC2 grands finals between Cano2k and Spyro: 4-1
-Unfornutately, all those random Cyke’s you see on the teams were only played against me to counter Strider (except for Ismael) so obviously I feel cheated :frowning:
-CvS2 was resumed to extremist turtling, as the grand final probably took more than the rest of the tournament.
-CvS2 grand finals between Cano2k and Sage, 4-3 first set, 4-2 second set, ended with a REALLY LOUD Cannon Spike.
-For some odd reason my c.strongs wouldn’t come out with Chun-Li so I lost to Sage 3-0. He played really well though, and so did I, so I respect him for that.
-To everyone’s surprise and my own, I did NOT pick Iori throught the entire CvS2 tournament. Why? I have no idea.
-Koke grabbed random people with activate xx 720 with Gief. Apparently it was his only game plan, lol.
-3S winners final 3-2 between AJ and AGM.
-3S grand final between AJ and AGM went 4-3 the first set and 4-2 the other. AJ did the unexpectable and mirror matched with Urien, and won. Nobody expected it.

The highlight of the evening was when AJ almost double perfected Alejandro (Margaritas) in 3S, only to be denied by a s.short. Still though, Alejandro left the tournament right after because apparently he was fed up with the shit talking.

Good show everyone. Let’s keep it real from now on again.




Luckiest 2nd place finisher ever.


Oh yeah. Spyro truly is the dragon because he’s magical. He has wizard powers that make your blocking fail. But I’m getting mine back next tournament, you guys know it.

Side note from tournament: At any given time two people had Doom, the blue colored Doom would always win.


U could have gotten 1st but u keep denying that u love the magic dragon so i have cursed j00 :smiley: :evil:


OMG, I really need to change my sn.

Fuck the stupid dragon, he stole my name.


Congratulations to the winners of this tournament, it was all I expected and more. I have to include that I used Remy too against Lassic, great fight man. The place we held this tourney was an issue for some people, so for the next we will try to do it in a “not so hidden place”. Thanks Gandido and Lassic for all your help.


good shit cano, good shit spyro, sup gandido, wanna tell u guys to pray for me so i can go to P.R. for spring break :frowning:
adios primos


ugh, i’m NOT making it to pr for spring break. i need to work 8 weeks in a row for 4 hours a day:confused: …its my own fault though.

anyways, my mom says i’m going to back to pr for the summer so uh huh uh huh uh huh.:cool: does dance

maybe there will be a tourny there(carolina)? i won’t win nothing, but i still wanna watch.


Congrats to Cano2k,My homey Gandido,and the folks Sage…good shit in CvS2 gentlemen…And congrats to all the others who placed and entered the tourney…



:frowning: why Spyro, why the denail?


i always thought spyro =b spiral:sweat: :wtf: even after i asked him about his name:confused: …i was like what dragon. and yes, i played spyro one and two.



That’s it.


u left out the not spyro :smiley:

this guy gets the :lame: award, what kind of tourny would it be with out shit talking.


Spyro u dissapoint me.


*Originally posted by Gandido *

Comments: Apparently it was Mario’s chance to step into the spotlight he has earned for so long, and he finally got it. As for AJ, we all knew he was going to get the 3S prize, so bah. A lot of issues were solved, and shit talking was everywhere.

hay paco se te olvido hablar de mi. Tu saves que yo soy el MVP mas aclamoado.

como alguien va a esperar que AJ gane el torneo de 3 strike
pa eso que gane margaritas.

yo creo q ese es el tipo q mas mierda juega. y dice q esta duro.



Round 1 Fight: Pa’ Tras!


Bueno, por lo que pude apreciar y de lo que el(Margarita’s) me contara, el no iba con las de darle duro al torneo, mas bien para hablar basofias, tu sabes, shit talking and so on. Al parecer que varias personas que estaban en el torneo no se llevan con el y fue mas que pa’ molestar, prueba de eso fue cuando se elimino y antes de salir les hizo una invitacion a jugar a plaza. No necesariamente es el mejor que juega en plaza, pero se da a respetar. No lo estoy defendiendo ni nada, es mi pana y todo , pero el es como es y pues le respeto su manera de ser.


Trashtalking, c’mon guys, U all know who’s the trashtalk master of Puerto Rico ahem, Bogard

He’s lucky I wasn’t in there with da kendo stick.
Man i was gonna play good i sensed it, too bad i left the island the 21st, …

Maybe next time, I’m working hard on my gammin’ guys, so keep it rollin , PR!



En ese caso me hubiese gustado que estuvieras alli para ver la reaccion de los que se picaron!!! Ya Rey Gonzalez se quito la mascara asi que se chavo la cosa pa’ los demas.


To all the SRK peeps that come in here and see all the spanish no we aint talking about yo mommas just in case :wink: