2/25/12 Xanadu Games Monthly Soul Calibur 5 Tournament Results

Today marked the first ever Xanadu Games monthly SC5 tournament. In stark contrast to our modest weekly gatherings, Xanadu monthlies regularly feature some of the best fighting game talents on the East Coast as they gather to compete in SSF4AE, UMVC3, KOF13, and CVS2. Now, we can officially add Soul Calibur 5 to that roster as well. Although our first monthly tournament saw only 16 entrants, they came from far and wide. Players from New York, Delaware, and VA fought hard against their Maryland hosts as well as one another, with VA ultimately taking home the prize.

Unfortunately, the tournament hit a snag when Moroha, our winners finalist, had to leave for the evening and forfeited his championship matches, settling automatically for 2nd place in the process. This left the remaining 3 players in the losers bracket, Tiamat, Promiethius, and Offstein to fight between themselves for 1st, 3rd, and 4th places respectively. When the smoke cleared, Tiamat emerged victorious, avenging his 2nd place loss to Promiethius two weeks prior. The nail-biting matches we saw at Xanadu today suggest that Soul Calibur 5 can go on to become an exciting addition to the fighting game community as long as more and more people pick up the game and come out to support the scene. So check out the replays of top 4 (40:57), congratulate the placers, and stay tuned for more Soul action from Xanadu in the coming weeks and months!

Tournament results:

1st Tiamat Nightmare Algol
2nd Moroha Tira
3rd Promiethius Nightmare
4th Offstein Yoshimitsu
5th [TE] Hudathan Raphael Xiba
5th [TE] Millionz Raphael Cervantes
7th Ms. Amethyst Ivy
7th Kutsuki Natsu
9th NAS Leixia
9th Will Martinez Pyrrha
9th Perfect Sin Astaroth
9th Lordsavior Nightmare
13th Jin86 Siegfried* Patroklos*
13th Isaiah Maxi Mitsurugi
13th Cosmic Castaway Patroklos Alpha Patroklos
13th D-Cint Maxi