[2/26/10] NYC Chinatown Fairs - SFIV 2v2 Tournament #2 @ 8pm

Alright guys,

We had a great start with the 2v2 weeklys, now lets get on with week 2! Pre-registration is at 7pm

Street Fighter IV 2v2 8pm

Chinatown Faris - 8 Mott Street, New York, NY

Entry fee is $20 per team (for more payouts)
Double Elimination - 2/3 Rounds 1 set
Losers/Winners/Grand Finalas 2/3 Sets
You are responsible for paying per play since it is the Arcade
Payout will be winner takes all if 10 or less teams enter, 70/20/10 if more than 10 teams enter, less than 5 teams = no tounament

This is a great way to test your skills against some of the best players in NYC

Let me know who’s down so I can make a pre-registration list - please provide your name/handle with what characters you and your teammate are using, so that after the braket is set, we can try to keep you on so that you’d save a buck or two.

Yours truly,

How many teams showed up last time?


Nice. Should get a better turnout every week or so. If anyone looking for a partner I’m solo right now. Rog/Ken.

Why would you run this on friday, thats when ppl go to CF for casual comp… Sat is better

Why on a friday night? Its snowing and people usually go on fridays to play causally.

r u sure that u wanna hold it this weekend because of the Philly tournament some players will be out of town…Well it’s too late to change your mind any ways lol

yea ill head over if the weather holds up a bit. my partner will most likey be manny if he heads out there.

Im gonna try to make it if the weather isnt too bad. I dunno if Ill be with Johnny cage but if I’m not then I need a partner.

shut up…me and kenny are in this shit…we gonna get our revenge…nigga

Mad nice day for a tournament!

I’ll stop by as usual. Good shit for running tourneys Andy.
Only the strongest warriors will travel out on a day like this.

You think going to CF in 2 feet of snow is bad? Thats free cuz the trains are still runinng, when they had the transit strike and i walked there from the middle of queens, now thats that ryu shit ben lol

Cause ryu don’t give a fuck.