[2/26/10] NYC Chinatown Fairs - SFIV 2v2 Tournament #2 @ 8pm

Hey guys,

I just got my computer fixed !!! And now for the results of the tournament;

  1. Erik “SmoothViper” (Sagat) Rico Suave (Abel)
  2. Noel Brown (Sagat) Auto-Demon (Gouki)
  3. Kenny (Rufus) Frankie (C. Viper)
  4. Wayne (Blanka) “MegaMan” Steve (Gouki)
  5. Charles (Guile) Rhys (Boxer)
  6. Jason (Ryu) Jay (Ryu)
  7. Matt (Dictator) Manny (El Fuerte)
  8. David (Rufus) Jake (Zangief)
  9. Omar (Chun-Li) John Poluzzi (Ken)

Again, there were 9 teams altogether; some of the highlights include Rhys OCVing Omar/John Poluzzi. Although Wayne/Steve were put in the losers by Noel/Myself, they made quite a run and almost making to the Losers Finals. Noel and I were put in the losers by Kenny/Frankie, Erik/Rico dominated throughout; they defeated Kenny/Frankie in the Winners Finals, Kenny/Frankie rematched Noel/Myself and this time, were were able to slip past them. Noel played well and defeated Rico but fell a bit short against Erik in the Sagat mirror. Although eventually Rico ended up knocking both of us out, I have to put this out there - Mike, next time you cheer for your boys, just remember that I perfected Erik on that last round :slight_smile:

It was a lot of fun, we had quite a bit of spectators/future participants, so hopefully this Friday will have a better turnout.

yours truly,

haha word but you should remember that theres a baskin robins down the block and they have 31 SCOOPS of flavors. instead of gettin it from rico suave, its all good fun ill see if i make it out again

Is Omar the black dude that plays XvsSF?

Shit was fun, even tho Wayne n his Blanka did most of the work, seems like i was there jus to counter Noel… Jus to get bopped by Andy…One day I will stop teleporting into those shakus on wakeup :xeye:

Vids of Grandfinals: