2/27/10: UCI Xbox 360 SF4 Tournament (Hosted by Fusion) - Irvine, CA


Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have to cancel this month’s tournament. I apologize to those who were interested in this event. We hope to have a tournament in the future at UCI and we’ll keep you posted. Again, our sincerest apologies to everyone who was looking forward to the tournament next week. Thanks for all the support!

Geez, using my email like it’s no problem.

woh. Rentals for controllers? that’s pretty damn shady

OK… so i just checked and calculated everything. How are the payouts only 100$ for first if it’s a 10$ buy in, that’s pretty high. Also what’s your guys cap? you set it at 32 the pay out for 1st place is 224$ pay out so you guys would basically rip us off 124$ alone, even if you set the cap at that standard. Also what’s up with the double blind pick? Counter picking in the this game is not a huge deal, especially since the majors don’t even do blind picks. On top of everything your rental controllers are wireless 360 controllers, even if you guys decide to do rentals (which is already damn shady) why wouldn’t it be sticks, since majority is gonna be playing on sticks. Iono if you guys are trying to make a quick buck or if you guys are the a club of some sort. At least cater to the players, unless you guys are trying to get money from scrubs. Are the tv’s/monitors lag free?

You guys haven’t specified why you’re putting the entry fee so high, which monitors, if all characters are unlocked or to even bother stating, who you will be seeding. Do you guys even know what seeding means?

@Ayo: We made the prizes like that since this tournament isn’t as big as others. As of right now we don’t have a cap; we’re thinking around the range of 32 but our previous tournaments only have had about half that number. It takes $175 to pay off the prizes and with a tournament of around 16-20 people we usually lose profit or break even. We’ve also discussed the double-blink pick and if its not wanted, we will get rid of it. We also have controller rentals since we have some casual players that show up to support us (they usually don’t own a console and participate for fun) and since only a few of us actually owns sticks, we won’t have the means to rent those out (otherwise we would be more than happy). Most of the TV setups will be CRT’s so it is ideal that most set-ups would be lag free. From our understanding, $10 is about standard for tournaments in general, and we’ve had no problems with our smash tournaments. All characters will be unlocked and without knowing the community (only second time running a SF4 tournament) seeding will be hard for us, I mean if big names start showing up we can do something about it otherwise it will be random. If enough people register for the tournament, we will change the prize money accordingly but we are a club organization and we are hosting this event as a fundraiser to fund our school hosted event called conFUSION, which is our quarterly conference with guest speakers from the engineering community, which does get pretty pricey. Basically, we’re trying to fund-raise as much money as possible without ripping off the players.

From our last tournament, there was some pretty fierce competition, and I’m sure that theres a lot more in the OC area. We host these tournaments for fun so please address any further concerns and we’ll try out best to accommodate.

The tournaments locally run but they do a great job! Here are some vids from last years tournament.


Hope they get more people this time around! Last year was pretty good.

Oh. You should’ve said that from the beginning. I’ll tell everyone then. Oh yeah, take rentals out and replace that with “DONATIONS NEEDED.” I’ll bring atleast 6 heads, do they have to go to UCI?

Also post the link up in the UCI zot zone thread.

We’ll post at the UCI zot zone thread. Also, you don’t have to be a UCI student to enter.

I went to last year’s, and I’ll go to this year’s as well,

lol rex and dale, those guys don’t really play anymore. After a whole year, expect to see competition on a whole new level.

don’t expect any competition from him ^^^

So, is registration only open during these days? Or is it these days up until the 27th?

Edit: Oh nevermind, I’ll just preregister online.

I’m sorry that was a typo. We’ll be out there boothing for the tourney that week as well. So yes, you can register from Feb. 22-26. Sorry about the confusion.

Wait, is there any way for you to change the date of the tourney? There’s already a big tourney going on Feb. 27th.

Unfortunately, the 27th is the only date we could secure a facility on campus to accomodate the event for this quarter. =\

Is that the Alex’s Arcade/Cameron’s Place tournament? If so, then count me out for the FUSION tournament, I gotta rep the local arcade.

I’ll see if UCR is interested in coming…

Question: there’s no venue fee right? So you can just spectate (aka talk mad shit about other UCs) for free right?

No, not Cameron’s. But Project Blocks. It’s Valle’s super gimungous tourney.

Currently, we have no venue fee for this event.

No love for the True OGs aka HDR?