[2/27] MAXOUT, KC S2E03, NO VENUE FEE! sf4, t6, hdr, ggac, bb

Welcome to SEASON 2, Episode 2 of Kansas City’s only Monthly Tournament Series!

Venue:Toad’s Pub and Perk, AKA The Daily Dose
Location:** 12056 W 135th St, Overland Park, KS 66221**
Easy access from I-35 Highway
Date:** Saturday, February 27th**
Start Time: Doors will open for games at 11 AM
Venue Fee: FREE!!
Price per game: $10/$5


The owners of Toads have been kind enough to grant us a one time NO VENUE FEE standard. The purpose of this, is to encourage more people to come out, and use that $5 they save on a venue fee on our products. SO, please be sure to buy things while you are at the tournament. The owners have said they would be happy to keep a no venue fee standard, as long as our sales are still looking good. Last time was awesome! Everyone was really great about not bringing outside food in, and purchasing things at the bar. Thanks guys!

The Lineup

Tekken 6 : Bloodline Rebellion (PS3) $10
Street Fighter IV (PS3) $10

BlazBlue (PS3) $5
Guilty Gear Accent Core (PS2) $5
Street Fighter HDRemix (PS3) $5

Street Fighter IV 2v2 Teams (PS3)
T6 2v2 Teams (PS3)
We are taking suggestions for other titles. We will probably bring other games with us, and take votes at the venue on the day of the tournaments. We are fairly open to suggestions, and will run anything if at least 8 people are willing to enter.

Games we will have on hand in case there is request for them:
Marvel Vs Capcom 2
Melty Blood : Actress Again (PS2)
King of Fighters XII (PS3)
Street Fighter 3S

Casuals and Registration start at 11 AM


All tournaments will be 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Matches, Double elimination unless listed otherwise.
Tekken 6 will be 3/5 rounds, 2/3 Matches, Double Elimination.
Button binds will be legal for GGAC.
If you wish to change controls, do so prior to the match.
If you wish to use multi button binds for other games, it will have to be at the affirmation of your opponent.
Default button binds are exempt from this rule
Winner keeps same character, loser may select a new one
All games will be played on random stage select

Character Banning List:
GGAC EX, Gold, Black characters
HDR Akuma

T6 will be 3/5 rounds, 2/3 matches

The venue is a Bar and Coffee House. It also serves a wide variety of food, so people don’t have to leave the venue to get something to drink or eat. And if celebrating your recent victories, or drowning your sorrows over your recent ass-beatings is your pleasure, the bar is open all day and night.

**Please pre-register in this format: **
John B - (AxioM) - KC, KS - SFIV
Name - (Alias) - City, State - Games being played

HYPE MATCH - Tekken 6

Eugene vs #5 tournament spot winner - FT5

Chris R - (Count Smakula) - Lawrence, KS - T6, BB

Nick D - (blargh) - Blue Springs, MO - BB, GGAC

75% chance i can make this.

100% chance i will win SF4 if i show.

personally requests to crash with d-fens if i go.

Sorry mang, I’ll be in Seattle so I can’t make Maxout this month.

Malcolm X - (Phantom) - Lee’s Summit - SFIV for now i may add when i get there, Im calling TWILIGHT OUT!

Man, good luck with that. I tried to do the same thing and instantly got denied.

Deron B (Prod1gy) - KCMO allday - BB, T6, Maybe GG dependin on how confident i am.

well crap, anyone able to let me crash somewhere?

Player - You can stay at my place. We have plenty of room, and 3 setups. The after tournament hookup will be at our place too.

axiom - do me a favor…put me and kong first round. im gonna knock his ass out. then ill loose on purpose to knock him out again so he doesnt place.

ill add another 5 bucks to put me and him first round.

Hmm… well, that’s up to Kong if he wants to accept that grudge match. Typically, the best players shouldn’t play till the final rounds. I’m not going to set that up without his consent.

really? just pretend i suck. problem solved.

kong not accepting is 100% gonna happen. he’s fucking scared. ill put down $20 for it to happen.

I’ll sign up for SF4 also for it to happen.

whaddup GROG! how ya been?

yeah, i want this to happen cuz honestly, the best should always stay hungry. if “the best” always fights easy ppl, gonna get rusty and pick up stupid habits every time.

make it happen or i shall sit this out.

Ah yeah, ready for another round!

Torrey R - (drunkninja) - Bolivar, MO - SF4, HDR, BB

Make it happen. It’ll be interesting.

Oh shit we just got a real match.

How about we make this formal. FT5 if loser pays for both entry fee and is out of the tournament.

EDIT: TwilightFox speaking.

explain. so we play a first to 5 before tourney and loser pays for both entry fee and loser is considered last place? if so, ill gladly do this. FRAY!