[2/27] MAXOUT, KC S2E03, NO VENUE FEE! sf4, t6, hdr, ggac, bb


That’s the plan.


Looks like we have ourselves our feature match.

I will update the first post.


I will not be participating that day i have other engagements :frowning: Sadness.


My god, it has begun!
Player out there looking for souls yo damn, kong u gonna let em shang tsung you right out the tournament?

I wanna go to this, sounds HYPE! :slight_smile:
and didf i hear cvs2…? nakanuku bitches!!!


it’s nakoruru, rexrawr… I will show you how is done with her…lol :wgrin:


Got screwed on work schedule, we wont be able to leave town till 2:00 PM that day, and if I fly like a bat out of hell I’ll be there at like 4:00 pm

Since the two of us (Luminaire and Notsake) only play Guilty Gear, is this acceptable? If not one or both of us might not make it.


Luminaire, no problem. We can wait. GG will probably have a smaller following anyway.

Rex, good to hear you’re interested. It’s been a minute since we’ve had STL in the house.


Man if it was up to me id be there each time, situation just makes it tough.

Jay- haha man i wish cvs2 was backwards compatibal with xbox360 so we could get some matches in. I havnt given somebody the old tom sawyer in a while, i hit you with my a groove combo…then convince u to take the controller and paint the fence muahahahha


if rex is gonna go, imma sit out. he can rep stl.




Didn’t you just call Kong out, call him a bitch, tell him to stop being afraid, a pussy, etc? Now you’re going to ‘sit out’ ?

He is the underdog, and he issued a serious challenge, then you called him fray.

Time to put up or shut up, Player.


axiom - dont make me laugh. any one of the stl kings can take out all of KC fray. kong can speak for himself.

i even made a fucking drive out to KC. sure its my bad you guys dont have hook ups on sat, but not even opening up 2 hrs out of 1 day isnt much to ask for. ill play kong sooner than later.

and another thing, dont ever tell me to “put up or shut up” you’re not even that great. only reason you are #2 is because of character choice and how easy it is to random dp. you cant even beat stl average players. you got lucky against lyquid. if u play lyquid again when he isnt tired, he’d beast you easy.

ill show and rep stl but if rex is going, he can rep stl solo as well. as i said earlier, stl kings can take out all of KC solo for fray.


I replied to you in PM, this is a tournament thread. Save the drama.


This shit is next week. Should be some new faces. We advertised at JCCC, KU and UMKC this time as well.


You guys better not let Cammy’s ass place top 3 again. And yes, it was Cammy’s ass that placed, not Cammy.


Current standings for S2?


Street Fighter IV

Twilightfox - 20
Lyquid - 11
Chachi - 9
Warden - 8
Boxbrosg - 8
GetThere1Time - 4
AxioM - 4
Wally - 3
Jude - 3
Malcom - 2
Drunkninja - 1
Jerome - 1
Zanaoyakata - 1
Sala - 1
Tom - 1

Tekken 6

AxioM - 17
The FOUNDER - 14
Boxbrosg - 10
Fusion - 7
Eugene - 6
ArkiveZero - 4
Ekie - 4
Luigi Jr - 3
Mr Imprimis - 3
Nameless Master - 2
DragonImmortal - 2
Radian - 2
TwilightFox - 2
Ben-Ra - 2
Prodigy - 2
CPhame - 1
Count Smakula - 1

BlazBlue : Calamity Trigger

Catusguy - 17
Blargh - 17
Radian - 7
TwilightFox - 7
AxioM - 5
Dator - 5
Prod1gy - 5
Warden - 4
IOKain - 4
DrunkNinja - 2
Sala - 2
CPHame - 1
Eugene - 1
Tom - 1
ArkiveZero - 1
Count Smakula - 1

Guilty Gear Accent Core

AxioM - 17
The FOUNDER - 15
Boxbrosg - 12
Zer0 - 5
Blargh - 5
Radian - 4
Eugene - 3
NotSaki - 3
ArkiveZero - 3
Luminaire - 2
Chachi - 2

Street Fighter HDR

Jude - 20
Chachi - 12
Boxbrosg - 9
AxioM - 7
ArkiveZero - 6
Zer0 - 3
Lyquid - 2
Warden - 2
Radian - 1
Tom - 1
DrunkNinja - 1


Who is catus guy?


That’s some crazy stuff right there! Do you guys have a way to record that? I’d love to see it.

Edit: Um… if it happens that is. (Guess I should read all of the posts before I get excited.)


He uses Hakumen and doesn’t afraid of anything

Hey Axiom, could post a link for the flyers? I’ll do some last second advertising at a couple of MCCKC campuses

And I’d be curious to see how the best of STL do against KC’s best at BB and GG (especially GG. We could always use more GG players at Mash Out)

EDIT: Also, it’s spelled Cactusguy Axiom :stuck_out_tongue:


Pre-registration for me.

Chris C. (FuLLBLeeD)

edit: My friend from KState isn’t coming, but Bob Smack told me he might stop by.