[2/27] MAXOUT, KC S2E03,sf4, t6, hdr, ggac, bb

Tekken 6 (8 players)
1st - The FOUNDER (Jack)
2nd - AxioM (Law/Eddy)
3rd - Eugene (Nina)
4th - TwilightFox (Julia)
5th - Boxbrosg
5th - Count Smakula
7th - Prod1gy
7th - pbj_mixxer

Eugene over TwilightFox 5-3

BlazBlue (12 players)
1st - CactusGuy (Hakumen)
2nd - Blargh (Arakune)
3rd - Prod1gy (Rachel)
4th - Count Smakula (Bang)
5th - AxioM
5th - Radian
7th - Warden
7th - NGamer3K

Guilty Gear Accent Core (8 players)
1st - NotSake (Baiken)
2nd - Boxbrosg (Venom)
3rd - AxioM (Sol)
4th - Zer0 (Potemkin)
5th - The FOUNDER
5th - Eugene
7th - Luminaire
7th - Blargh

HDR (12 players)
1st - Grog (Honda/Vega/others)
2nd - Chachi (Deejay/Guile/Chun/Vega)
3rd - LucyMono
4th - Zer0
5th - Murphagator!
5th - Boxbrosg
7th - Focra
7th - AxioM

Street Fighter IV (20 players)
1st - TwilightFox (Chun)
2nd - AxioM (Ryu)
3rd - Chachi (Ryu)
4th - GetThere1Time (Rufus)
5th - Warden
5th - Boxbrosg
7th - Chris Wright
7th - Count Smakula

Street Fighter IV Teams (5 teams)
1st - We <3 Animated Boobs [TwilightFox/Axiom]
2nd - 5th
Communism (Warden/DrunkNinja)
Team Draaaaank (Chachi/GetThere1Time)
Cammy Sucks (Boxbrosg/jungle_chief)
Consolation (TopHat/?)

Sorry guys, my results are incomplete, Le will give the full results tomorrow and I can edit this post.

Many thanks to everyone who came out, and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves! Look for another one of these very soon. (Maybe even 2 weeks soon… stay tuned)

Ranbat Standings

Street Fighter IV

Twilightfox - 30
Chachi - 14
AxioM - 11
Lyquid - 11
Warden - 11
Boxbrosg - 11
GetThere1Time - 8
Wally - 3
Jude - 3
Chris Wright - 2
Count Smakula - 2
Malcom - 2
Drunkninja - 1
Jerome - 1
Zanaoyakata - 1
Sala - 1
Tom - 1

Tekken 6

The FOUNDER - 24
AxioM - 24
Boxbrosg - 13
Eugene - 11
Fusion - 7
TwilightFox - 6
ArkiveZero - 4
Ekie - 4
Count Smakula - 3
Luigi Jr - 3
Mr Imprimis - 3
Nameless Master - 2
DragonImmortal - 2
Radian - 2
Ben-Ra - 2
Prodigy - 2
CPhame - 1
PBJ_Mixxer - 1

BlazBlue : Calamity Trigger

Cactusguy - 27
Blargh - 24
Radian - 11
Prod1gy - 10
AxioM - 8
TwilightFox - 7
Warden - 6
Count Smakula - 5
Dator - 5
IOKain - 4
DrunkNinja - 2
Sala - 2
CPHame - 1
Eugene - 1
Tom - 1
ArkiveZero - 1

Guilty Gear Accent Core

AxioM - 22
Boxbrosg - 19
The FOUNDER - 18
NotSaki - 13
Zer0 - 9
Blargh - 7
Eugene - 5
Luminaire - 4
Radian - 4
ArkiveZero - 3
Chachi - 2

Street Fighter HDR

Jude - 20
Chachi - 19
Boxbrosg - 12
Grog - 10
AxioM - 9
Zer0 - 7
ArkiveZero - 6
Lyquid - 2
Warden - 2
Radian - 1
Tom - 1
DrunkNinja - 1

John - There were only 8 ppl in t6
NGamer3K and Warden got 7th in BB

For HDR it was:
3rd LucyMono
4th Zer0
5th Murphagator! and Boxbrosg
7th Focra and Axiom

For SF4 it was:
4th GetThere1Time
5th Warden and Boxbrosg
7th Chris W and CountSmackula

And for teams since 1st place went undefeated and we were short on time 2-5 place is kinda undecided sorry guys.

Had fun, and for some reason, I especially had fun playing SF4 even though I always talk trash on that game. It must just be the hype surrounding that game, it’s just so huge in all cities, it always seems to have to biggest turnout at every tournament I read about. Maybe it’s also because I don’t take that game too seriously, so I didn’t feel the rage when I lost. I wish I still owned a copy so I could attempt to level up my Vega.

I think after I graduate, I might get an arcade stick (I can’t bloody high claw on pad, lol) and get more into it.

I’m too lazy for shout outs, so…

@ everyone - gg would re, change map.

Good times everyone! Too bad we couldn’t finish teams proper, but that was understandable. Hopefully my performance next time around will be a bit better.

count smakula you from lawrence? you should get at me sometime

jeez, this gap is too big.

Awesome tournamet y’all!! SHOUT OUT TIME!

Iowa guys: Thanx for those 60 something matches we played before the tourney it was great playing you guys even if you were just playing around sometimes.

Grog:I HATE YOU LOL JK!! You had to beat me twice huh! I’m gonna try my damn hardest to make that Honda vs. Gief matchup less painful on my side so you better show up to the next max out so you see my attempts at the impossible.

Le: Scream in my ear one more time and I swear to god I’m gonna hurt you lol. Good shit in …whatever games you played.

b1argh: I have a feeling I’m gonna dislike that hazama matchup so much of that stuff seem so unsafe but either I’m punishing it incorrectly or it really is. I’m gonna research that match-up a little bit more and hopefully have something new for ya next time.

Cactusguy: After playing those matches with you in CT I can see what everyone was talking about. I rather fight you in CS where you poke me to death for 80% of the match and I get a random 720 and catch up with you damage wise.

NotSaki: ANTI-BAIKEN!!! That is all lol.

Next tourney we have were doing the 1st ever RE5 merc tourney so get your asses in gear! Warrior Chris & me will be waiting.

your mom’s gap is too big

Good stuff KC, it was fun as always.

Axiom - good shit, man! Getting top 3 in three different games is amazing.
Radian - good to see you’ve finally joined the SF4 train!
Boxbrosg - I HATE CAMMY.
GetThere - Dude, glad to finally fight you! Your Rufus is legit. Very clutch in the final round.
Chachi - always a pleasure, keep at it!
Twilight - thanks for the tip, your jumping d mk crossup you pulled in the team tourney really threw me off.

If I flash kick after your gadget finger, maybe try 360A and hold it down to pull me in? idk

Just remember, it won’t be as bad as the nightmare that was CT Arakune vs. CT Tager lol

And good shit to everyone there! I shall have my revenge against Cactusguy!!! :karate:

ok. im pretty sure you’re no one to even worry about.

HOLY CRAP! I even spelled it out LETTER-BY-LETTER for you guys!

ggs everyone.

… seriously, I don’t play Tekken or GG. I’m LEARNING Tekken and QUIT GG a long time ago.

My name is on something! My NAME, is on SOMEthing!

Good business to those in HDR, a lot of those matches were close scrapes.

SFIV, as well. Second time in a row I got my second loss from getthere1time. Trust me when I say I’m gonna work on my vs. Rufus game. At least I got an air throw in, haha.

lolz, technically player you don’t have to worry about anyone. But it’s not because your so good!

I’ll try this shoutouts business:

Iowa Crew : I’m really glad you guys made it this time around. I hope you liked our hospitality at the tournament, and at our place. You’re welcome to come back next time!
Grog - Way to win HDR, very beastly. You’re good at 4, even though you hate it. Hope you’ll come back and defend your title next time.
Murphagator - Also beastly at HDR, good shit owning me with Rog. By the time I caught onto those ticking setups it was waaaay too late.
Tophat - Sorry I had to play you in every single game. I know that feeling though… it seems like when I go to out of state tournaments I get matched up with a strong player in every game, really early. I liked your Gen a lot. Keep it up.

Le - Thanks for running things, as usual. Although, by the halfway point, I think you were just yelling to yell. The more you drink, the worse it gets. (Le standing literally 2 feet from Clint: “CLINT, YOU FUCKING SUCK!!!” (Clint looking like he’s going to punch Le) :lol: Standard stuff for our tournaments I guess. Way to dodge GG, scrub. At least you entered Blaz and surprisingly, 4. Good shit with the dic. HAIL BISON.

Clint - WTF good stuff in HDR meng. I see what you mean about not being able to break that barrier for 3rd… GG and HDR 4th, but at least you’re consistent. You’ll get there, I have faith in you, sir.

Warden - Thanks for coming out, you are a really cool guy. You are also a guy I always watch out for, no matter what game I’m playing you in. Even in Blaz, I play extra careful against you, because I know how good you are in the clutch. See you soon, my man.

Drunkninja - I’m glad we keep seeing you at our tournaments, man. I’d love to come to more Springfield events, if they have them. I love that Bang arcade stick. :china:

Boxy - Way to kick my ass in Gear. You just stepped it up more than I did that day. I won’t let that happen again. Wtf… 5th in Tekken though? Geez.

Courtney - Beasting lately in Tekken. I can’t even touch you right now. Thanks for giving me back my focus, I will have to level up something substantial in this game before next time around. Guilty Gear however… Well… you know the rest.

Dave - 3rd place in Tekken huh? I won’t lie, I’m surprised, good shit. Very solid play at the tournament. I heard you’re leveling in gear as well.

Kong - Well sir, I wasn’t surprised with you winning. After playing you Friday night, I knew you came prepared. Never one to take a defeat lying down, you reexamined your game, and beat me back down. THAT was the way I’m used to you playing, smart and clutch. Good shit. And yay for team <3 animated boobies finally taking a team tournament. Also, nice job on 4th in Tekken, very surprising to see you ahead of boxy. You’ll get Dave soon. :china:

ANNOUNCEMENT : Since March is a tournament that is full of other local events (War games in Wichita on the 20th, Aerial Rave in STL on the 27th) We will probably host the next MAXOUT either very soon, or a ways off. It depends on what people would want/can do.

Potential dates:

Saturday March 13th
Satruday April 10th

Or, we could try doing it on a Sunday, but I don’t like that idea. Which of these two dates is better? I’m down for doing both of them, really, but I’m not going to run one if no one will be able to make it out again so soon.

the only thing he’d have to worry about is his ego fuckin him up:crybaby:


but true

More than any of us can say. Player’s probably the only person I’ve played in a LONG time that not just beats me, but reads me and handily destroys me. I won one, one set against him out of at least 20. Granted I’ve touched 4 maybe two or three times since Season’s Beatings but I still know SF and that’s impressive enough for me.

Anywho GGs to everyone in HDR, it was fun and I hope you guys keep it up and keep getting better. Clint hop on GGPO sometime and we can play the Honda/Gief matchup, also I know it’s considered nothing but superstitious to some but don’t play only your main with other people in the tourney the day of, maybe one or two with him but nothing more than that because then you give too much away. If I played your Gief for the first time in the tourney I wouldn’t have known that you didn’t know what to do against hands at the time and I wouldn’t have abused that as much. Good shit on 4th still nonetheless!

More later this took too long at work :rofl:

Ha ha, No worrys I really enjoyed our matches. And it was great to great practice in the Ryu match-up.

I had a real good time, Good games to all that I played. And my partner on team consolation was Ngamer.