2/28 Economy Blowz Results @ Denjin

Thank you all for coming down last night!

Here are the top 3 results:

Capcom vs. SNK 2

  1. Fervor
  2. Chago
  3. Dae

Super Street Fighter II Turbo

  1. EA Megaman
  2. UltraDavid
  3. Shogo

Street Fighter 4

  1. Dae
  2. Mike Z
    (tie)3. Mr. Bean
    (tie)3. Cesar

Street Fighter III: Third Strike 2on2

  1. 5 Star & Cesar
  2. Carlos & Renic
  3. Arlieth & Hatsuko

Thank you all for coming down and showing your support. This was our last Economy Blowz tournament. Details on Denjin’s first Ranbat season will be posted soon :nunchuck:

Actually Megaman beat me in the finals to take ST.

Good games guys. I’ll try to watch the game clock a little better next time!

Good shit to all!

sorry i had to leave early mid tourny. cant wait for the ranbats!

edit: it was good to see a lot of you guys. its been awhile it seems. good shit to cesar getting 2nd at the gamestop tourny! also good job to everyone who placed. it was nice to see some of the 3s players in a sf4 tourny for the first time heh and ty good to see you again.

Very good games! You need to hop on remix and play with us sometime.

Thanks for running this Cesar! And thanks for hosting Shogo!

GGs Dae!

HD Remix as well?

GGs and good times! It was cool to finally meet you David.

And yeah, I’m :woot: for the ran-bats. Please say we’re doing HD Remix too, so this old man can have a fighting chance to do good in something :wgrin:

Bearclaw was soo worth missing this!

haha ya, i made someone bleed on my bosozoku shirt :frowning:

:stuck_out_tongue: i didnt even notice either on the clock that was an epic finsh lol GG’s though david in SF IV and in Turbo man

MegaMan good shit winning man!!! And yea thanks Busta i gotta represent Denjin!!! at round 3 of the gamestop tournament lol

And yea johnny i was talking to shogo about having hd remix as ranbats or maybe just side tournaments i would be glad to host them all if i can get enough people for this im down for RanBats Evo is just around the corner i wanna get people ready for this!!!

Oh yea Dae My Marvel Team > Then Dae!!!

Agreed, I’m glad I finally got to meet you too David.

That was a crazy finish! I was watching that with Andrew. The funny thing was, Andrew was telling you to try and run out the clock, only he was standing behind David and neither one of you heard him!

Thank you sir, thank you!

You Rue the Dae You Cross me CEASAR!

you know the name is gae when the person himself makes puns with his name…:lame: LOL j/k dae :stuck_out_tongue:

:amazed::amazed: lmao Dae > World but not cesar…