2-28 Economy Blowz Tournament @ Denjin

Sorry for the late post! It was hard to post anything when srk was always down :lame:

Anyways, you know how it goes!

$1 Entry fee tournaments for: 3s, sf4, Blazblue

One game, Single Elim

we can do 3s teams if enough ppl request it

Sign ups start at 7pm

Tournaments starts at 8pm

Denjin Arcade is located at:
995 East Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93065


doubt i can actually play in this tourny since i gotta leave at like 9 but ill be there for casuals until then!

I’ll try to make it.

um shogo can you put st up i was planing on coming down this saturday i can run a ST one :P!! Pherai!!! Dae!!!

OMG Ceasar YOU BETTER COME, I want to 360 ALL DAY!

shogo add CVS2 plz. i’ll be there this saturday.

joe you better be there!!

Yay for ST! :woot:

edit my friends band is now playing as the last band tomorrow. i will be able to play in this economy blows tourny as long as this tourny starts on time! wooooo :smiley:

gonna try to go to this

ST & CvS2 added!

gogogogo! :rock:

i’ll be honest…i just wanna play some 3rd (i will be going)

liar, you want to play ST2 too!

its fucking st! not st2, there isnt a super turbo 2… :stuck_out_tongue:

Wanted to make it to this, next time :<