2/28 SOVA Ranbats


Today we held our very first ranbats in SOVA (Southern Virginia). Here are your results.

1: Ryry (15 pts) - Ryu
2: K1 Sauce (12 pts) - M. Bison
3: SMP (9 pts) - Sagat / Ryu
4: Winback (6 pts) - Guile
5: Blackula (3 pts) - Sagat
5: Kitsune King (3 pts) - Balrog
7: Joe S (2 pts) - Sagat
7: Sean Miyagi (2 pts) - Ryu

Everyone else gets 1 pt
9: Aleri - Ryu
9: Styles - Balrog
9: Aries - Gen
9: Dsinni - Blanka / Balrog
13: Unknown Enemy - Chun Li
13: Bad Lieutenant - E. Honda / Chun Li
13: Shawn Don - Rose
13: C Dot - Ryu
17: LV - Ken
17: Wiki P - ?
17: Mito - Bison
17: Andre - Zangief
17: Foomy - Vega / Rose
17: Terrell - Akuma
17: OJ4 - Sagat
17: EFG - ?
25: Scooder - Sagat
25: Judge - Fei Long
25: Aimforthefeet - Ken
25: Kam - Akuma

I’m glad that everyone came out to my apartment to play. Hope to see everyone again next week for another set of ranbats. Next week, we’re going to use these results to seed people for the ranbats rather than do random placing. I only used random placing for the first tourney since this was the very first ranbat.


We Da Best


haha Nice results man.


thx for having a house full of shenanigans every week to help level everyone up Jamie. and thank you for picking me up so i could be there. hope i can attend next weekend as well.


damn, i woulda won this too. gs all.



i still suck tho


I just posted this in the tourney results thread.

Next week, if anyone has any fans, I would suggest you bring them so we can attempt to keep the temperature down in the apartment. Even with the thermostat set at 60, the apartment was still at 80. lol




gg’s everybody, had a lot of fun last night


Damn sucks I am in FL and next weekend I’ll be in PA then the next week is Final Round. Oh well I’ll get there eventually.



Here’s the footage I managed to get from the ranbat. OJ4’s match with Cdot is still processing, but it should be up in an hour or so.


ggs to everybody glad to see our scene is getting big again :lovin: see yall next week


holy f’s shit thats alot of peoplein blackulas crib lmao

i hope this keeps up i will try to stay positive :slight_smile:

i will make next weeks wait…what time did u guys get started?
that really will determine is i can make it or not

was there an entry fee or just for seeding purpose for “monthly”?


gs to everyone who played.

i don’t even know if i’ll be able to make it to the next one >_< but the scene is definitely strong!


Definently Storng, makes me proud!


GG’s to everybody that showed up and played.

I was thinking tho that maybe we should space the ranbats out to say 1 every two weeks? This is because you may not see much improvement from players on a strict weekly basis because not everyone can train hard every week…just saying it’s a thought I had :tup:


what happen foomy :{


Trent, no entrance fee. Purely for determining seeds for an upcoming monthly. We started gaming at 3:30 but the Ranbat did not get started until a few minutes after 8:30. We were waiting for Shawn Don from NC to arrive.

Bi-weekly ranbats doesn’t sound like too bad of an idea. What does everyone else think about having the ranbats every other week and non-ranbat weeks will be strictly casual?


Yeah Rose had that shit free, what happened?!?! jk lol

These look fun, I’ll try and make it out with some NoVA heads someday.


every other week ranbats would be fine with me, it’d be a lot more convenient.