2/28 Tournament Wars Finals (OREGON PLAYERS) Edited 2/8


Okay, since I pretty much asked everyone at the Tilt tourney this, I figure a thread will be better to help keep track of things.

So we all know TW finals are on the 28th of next month so it would be good for the Oregon peeps to figure out whats going on so we can all get up there and know whos going with who and what all is happening


This is the event



–End Edit–

Drivers (And extra seats)
Slash5150 – Would say 2 extra seats depending on what is being brought

TsunamiKen (3 seats)

Whos Going/When leaving
Slash5150 – **Would like to leave and be up there Saturday **
Grey Fox?

Divine Phantom


I’d like to go if possible.


Keep in mind that there is a singles tournament for Bloody Knuckles as well as the finals for TournamentWars. If you guys come up on Saturday and find someone where to stay, I just might consider throwing a singles tournament Saturday night…


Sign me up for a seat.


Sign me up, but things may change.


I’m interested in this. Not a driver for now though.


Nah…nothing should change. If we have to drug you then throw you in a drunk, it’ll get done lol :-p


Updated first post with links to info about BK’s event


I’d go but uh looks like the car is full. GL


Simon, I would assume (read HOPE) more than just myself is driving…SRSLY!


What, you’re not down for the truck again? :slight_smile:
I’m guessing there will be more drivers as they discover this thread.


I will drive, I have three extra seats but really big people would not find it comfortable in my Aveo.

Simon you can ride with me. We will listen to classical and make devastating game plans.


Updated with info, please tell other PNW players to post!


just want to reiterate that there are singles tournaments in addition to the Tournament Wars finals. and there are some pretty sweet prizes up for grabs too!

I am short on screens. I know your cars will probably be packed but if you can stuff a screen or two in there we’ll have even more setups running!


Bloody-Knuckles; Artwork Inspired by the Fighting Game Community in the Pacific Northwest

The gallery show Bloody-Knuckles, currently on display at the Canoe Social Club and Gallery at Theatre off Jackson, will be wrapping up it?s run with the ?Main Event?. A day of fighting games and art!

When -
Sunday Feb 28th 2010 3:00pm

Location -


409 7th Ave. S. (7th and Jackson in the ID)

Games -
Street Fighter IV
Tekken 6 BR
BlazBlue CS
Guilty Gear AC side tourney?

Details -
Venue Fee ? $5.00 cover
Game fee- $5.00 Buy Ins per tournament

Prizes -
70/20/10 split of game entrance fee for all tournaments

1st ? Dual Modded custom art 360 TE
2nd ? SFIV Snuggie and Udon art book
3rd ? SF 20 year anniversary art book

Tekken 6
1st ? Tekken 6 T-Shirt, Tekken 6 Artbook
2nd ? Tekken 6 T-Shirt, Tekken 6 Print
3rd ? Tekken 6 T-Shirt, Tekken 6 Print

Schedule -
Doors at 3:00pm
Tournaments start at 6:00pm


Thanks for the info and Frank, if a singles thing goes down that would be awesome. Any Seattle people be willing to be able to host some gamers? I know you guys look at this thread :slight_smile:


Are people planning to leave on saturday night or sunday morning? I work on saturday nights so I can only go if its the latter


You gotta switch that day off! Thats why I’m givin the heads up a few weeks in advance!


Only 3 people work where i work, and we all work on saturday so i cant switch days with anybody. Its a very small business.

I could probably leave on saturday if whomever i carpool up with wouldnt mind leaving at around 11 pm. Could probably make good time leaving this late though.


Hmm…maybe talk to Amir and cruise up with them?


I’m in Kwyjibo’s boat, I should be able to get Sunday off and Monday’s not an issue but I will have to work that Saturday night until like 1am.