2/29/04 - Animation Town Weeklies Results


MvC2: (14 participants) “MvC2 Triple Threat Match”

  1. JW McNay "TeamDan
  2. Marcus Moonilal “MeLikeToSmash”
  3. Jermaine Linguist “The Chief”
  4. Robert Cardenas
    5t. Brad
    5t. Tony Tipton
    7t. Vanessa "Vanessie"
    7t. Thai Nguyen "KINGDOM"
    9t. Roger Tesheira
    9t. Kevin Gutierrez
    9t. Jose – (forfeit)
    9t. Mike Clauss
    x. OJ Hadnott “FriedAfterBirth” – (forfeit)
    x. Darrin
    x. Steve Gutierrez “Surge-03”

3s: (7 participants) “White Ken > Grape Ken”:frowning:

  1. Jermaine Linguist “The Chief” – (Ken - SA3)
  2. Thai Nguyen “KINGDOM” – (Ken - SA3/Chun Li - SA2)
  3. OJ Hadnott “FriedAfterBirth” – (Twelve - SA1)
  4. Juan Diaz – (Akuma - SA3)
  5. Doug Bush “Nile” – (Elena - SA2)
  6. Butch Smith – (Dudley - SA3)
  7. Marcus Moonilal “MeLikeToSmash” – (Ken - SA3/Hugo (???) - SA1)

Random Thoughts

  • Yay - To Jermaine; he DESTROYED my ass TWICE; sent me to losers’ AND finished me off in Grand Finals…:sweat:
    MAD PROPS goes out to you, dawg! Your game was ON this Sunday!:cool:
    (even though JW wasn’t there yet…hehehe…;))

  • Nay - To JW; for coming in super-late w/ Vanessa…:stuck_out_tongue:

  • Yay - To Vanessa; glad you can come up to AT and game w/ the boiz…:cool:

  • Yay - Props to my boi Mastuh Marcus; took JW to the final set…all-in-all, JW beat him 5-4 (sent him to losers’ [2-1]; Marcus THEN wins 1st set in Grand finals [2-0]; JW then beat him [2-1] in the final set) – correct me if I’m wrong…:o

  • Nay - To all the DFW kats that didn’t show…:frowning:

  • Yay - To Twinkle Star Sprites being the Random Money Tournament Game!:smiley:

  • Nay - To ME, since I got OWNED!!! (I’ve never touched the game in my entire life…it’s a cool game, BTW…lol)

aight, peeps…



Yay to big tittied AzN Ho’s



yeah, Im not too good at Marvel, so it was nice meeting some people there anyways to mak eit worth while! Roger is too kind ;_:

TSS tournaments oh mann that was great! I need to get an emulator for that asap XDD


Correct you? I thought you’d never ask. =P

I played Marcus earlier in winners bracket and won 2-0

Winners’ Finals was me and Jermaine 2-1

Losers’ Finals was Marcus and Jermaine 1-0

Grand Finals was 2-1 [Marcus, first set] 2-1 [me, second set]

Grand Finals, I didn’t use Cable/Sent/Capcom at all; I actually ended up using Cable/Storm/Doom the entire second set.


yeah, i know you sandbagged.:stuck_out_tongue:

shhhh…don’t tell Marcus… :wink:

so JW-5, Marcus-3…:slight_smile: