2/29/12 WNX Weekly Soul Calibur 5 Tournament Result

Here at Xanadu Games, SC5 is going strong one month into release. Even though this week’s Wednesday Night Xanbats came right on the heel of last Saturday’s monthly tournament, players in the area were still eager for more competition. Some series veterans from the days of Hagerstown tournaments even took the time to make the trip all the way up from WV in order to mix it up with the MD crowd. So please check out the replays of top 4, congratulate the placers, and stay tuned for more Soul action in the coming weeks and months!

Tournament results:

1st Promiethius Nightmare
2nd DRS MCZ Ghostman Natsu
3rd Offstein Pyrrha Yoshimitsu
4th Steve Harrison Nightmare
5th Hudathan Raphael
5th Kaotical Siegfried
7th Ms. Amethyst Ivy
7th Moroha Tira
9th Geordi La Forge Yoshimitsu
9th Jay-San Astaroth
9th MVA Yoshimitsu




What happened Seth?