2/4/04 Powerstation LB Bi-Weekly CvS2

Thanks for everyone who came out. Here are the full and final results for the tournament:

1st: Combofiend (K- Rolento,Chun-li,Sagat2)
2nd: Jae (K - Ryu,Morrigan,Sagat2)
3rd: Evil Elvis (C-Guile, Ryu, Sagat2)
4th: Grimace (C-Balrog,Rugal, Yamazaki2)
T-5th:Havok-TG (C-Honda, Bison, Blanka2)
T-5th:Pimp Willy (K-Dhalsim, Blanka2, Sagat)
T-7th:Hulk (C-Yuri, Bison, Vega2)
T-7th: Rog (C-Blanka, Ryo, Sagat2)
T-9th:Ricta (C-Ken, Bison, Sagat2)
T-9th:Rat (C-Ken2, Ryu, Akuma)
T-9th:Kennywood(K-Hibiki, Blanka, Cammy2)
T-12th: J-Dawg (C-Guile, Bison3)
T-12th: Mr. Great (N-Geese, Rock, Iori2)
T-12th: J-Diddy (C-Blanka4)

Will be posted to APEX as soon as my account gets activated, and the whole Pacific South error is figured out. If anybody knows javi, try and push him to get it done : )

There were some pretty good matches, lots of K-groove goodness, and a few too many Double KO’s (Especially when involving Havok-TG).

By next week, we should have Fight Club up and started. Basically, it will be where you spend $10, and get a $10 fight club power card. During Monday-Thursday, fighting games will be discounted to 50 cents. Friday-sunday, they will be cheaper than normal as well. Also, we will be having a $0.10 fighting game night (with your fight club card) on feb 17th, one day before the next CvS2 tournament. I will also try to start these tournaments weekly, and get all our fighting games into rotation.

Let me know any suggestions as well.

Congrats to Combofiend!

Evil Elvis here…

Will you be getting 360 JOYSTICKS?..and a extra CvS2 cabenet?

wtf my bi-weekly.

I seriously doubt we’ll have a second cabinet installed, unless the game starts making massive amounts of money and the fighting games get popular there. If so, then who knows what could happen.

Optical joysticks are also on order.