2/5/4 MVC2 Results @ The Break!


Damn, sorry guys in the losers bracket - I had to beast the hell out of it and like I have powers to stop guard breaks ask phil about it :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Robert Sigley - Sent/Mag/Juggernaut (Bellyflop), Mag/Cable/Tron
  2. Ed The Head Espino - MS^2, Sent/Strider/Doom, Cable/Sent/Doom
  3. Ray - Cable/Storm/Commando, Cable/Doom/Commando
  4. Phil Johnson -
  5. Steve Smith - WM/IM/Sent, Cable/Sent/Commando
  6. Tenno - Mag/Sent/Cyclops
    more people

Winner Finals was 3-2 Ed over Ray
Loser Finals was 3-1 Rob over Ray
Grand Finals was 3-0, 3-2 Rob over Ed

Kei’s running MVC2 next week so come to that!

Oh yea, please don’t make a U turn on North Ave, it’s illegal and will cost you $81 (ask Ryo about it), just make a left inbetween the police station and the train station, that street runs parallel to Washington and you can cut over - nothing illegal.


that damn juggernaut assist was comin in handy wasnt it!


Rob is the great white HOPE!


thank god all mighty we are free at last from the oppressive asians winning every tournament

haha yea juggernaut is the truth don’t doubt it


thanks for posting. still trying to get my main comp at home back up and running >_<

congrats and good shyt. looks like you were on something last night, how come i saw like a character dying in like 3 seconds after the game said ‘fight’?!

anyway, rob vs blacksyde was instantly the match of the night.

that’s fcked up what happened to ryo. 10-20 cops in a town about 2 blocks long need something to do =|


I was going to come, but my dad was in NYC with the car. Good shit it seems. Rob took my lil nigga Ed to school. I may show up at the break tonight, since I doubt anything planned for tonight.


good shit rob syg


:frowning: I hate Dr. Doom.

Highlight of the night must have been sigley calling me out:)

I had a lot of fun definately, I’ll be there next week…i hope .

Steven, Orv, anyone call me later i wanna get some games in.

Otis u better come next week!


you mean your the truth


yea but i thought that was implied knowledge and everyone already knew about that

thanks everyone and sorry phil cause everytime i come close to winning you always destroy me and put me back in my place so this time needed motivation and lil help from Doc Doom sucking so much haha


I’m glad to see Dunellen’s Finest are still keeping busy. But anyway…

Good shit Whitey. I wanted to come but it’s a little tough when I have NO FUCKING CAR ANYMORE. Would have been sweet if I came and somehow we could have had an all-white final. Can’t beat that because we all win there. Power to the people!

And if you don’t want to turn in front of the police station, you can go into the bank lot and cut through the back and onto Washington. That way, no u-turn and no traffic light, either. Or you can just park illegally at the bank like me and the train people and not worry about making any u-turns at all. Either works. Cops don’t bother checking even though their lot is like, 10 feet away and shit. I guess they’re busy harrassing the speed racers that dare to go 26mph on Washington.