2/6 SOVA Ranbats, Ranbat 4-4

Today we had our last ranbat of the winter season prior to doing our Season Finale next month. Lots of great matches took place tonight. The videos will be up sometime this week along with the vids from last week’s ranbat. Here are the results.

Street Fighter 4

1: Ryry
2: K1 Sauce
3: Blackula
4: Foomy
5: Mito
5: DBC
7: Kitsune
7: Gummowned
9: UEZ
9: Sean Miyagi
9: 10x
9: Scooder
13: Winback
13: Wiki P
13: Soul2Limbo
13: Liquid Snake
17: Mike
17: LV
17: Dsinnie
17: Aimforthefeet
17: Bad Lt
17: PHB
17: Rick

Tekken 6

1: Ryry
2: Blackula
3: Tom Brady
4: Winback
5: Aimforthefeet
5: Bad Lt
7: Scooder
7: Mito
9: PHB
9: Dsinnie

As soon as I add up all of the numbers, I’ll have the final rankings for season 4.

damn i woulda won this one too. gs guys.


Congrats on the placing Blackula. Congrats to the placers as well.
Dissapointed no HDR or VF in that mix though… (Real talk)

Cool, Mito in Top 5.
I am going to make Jaime into Top 1 this spring, fyi.

its always free

I like free. Better than paying. haha.

2 more months…

That was fun, ggs, nice meeting a lot of you