2-7-09 Play N Trade Tourney Series Danbury, CT


Play N Trade
1 Pandanaram Rd.
Danbury, CT

This will serve as the first of hopefully many of some tournaments at Play N Trade.
For right now, we will be playing HDRemix on 360, though other games might get considered if there is enough people/interest.

This is a B.Y.O.C. tournament, meaning you bring your own sticks. If you don’t you can use one of the 360 pads there. Good luck.

5$ entry fee, 100% goes to pot, 70/30/10 split. First place will also get a COLLECTORS edition of SFIV.

Prizes are going to be for store credit for now, but this also may change if these get popular enough.

Registration starts at 12, rounds start at 2. Casuals will be allowed all day. Also if you loan your 'box for the day, you get free entry. We need about 6.

GET HYPE! Let’s show everyone CT 'aint dead!

Just here to back this up.

I’m the one who is throwing this all together.

Any questions can be PM’d to me or Tempest.

also I’ll put out my email if you need a question answered ASAP.


I know CT still has a scene, and I’m hoping to bring it back. or at least have some fun trying.
If you stop into the store before hand you’ll probably find a 6’6’’ kid. That would be me.

Come introduce yourself.

thats about it.

What games are you going to have? I see HD Remix but I’m sure there’d be enough interest with an established SRK’er trying to get this together for other games. We just need to communicate and you’re giving us enough time to do that, so that’s good.

Can we get an official MvC2 tourney there? Even if it’s just pot money being divided amongst the top placers?

The only other games that might draw a crowd would be GG#R, MvC2 and CvS2. Post in the NY threads and see what kind of response you get. Lots of CT guys know NY guys in person and we can back both you and Tempest.

You could probably get a pretty good turnouot for a TvC tourney if you tried, even with just some in-store advertising.

Great job guys, Ill be happy to attend and support you in anyway that I can.

I do have a suggestion though, tournaments are not easy to run and with this being the first one at this place I would reccomend that you keep it simple this time around.

Ryan, I agree that MVC2 would be hype and bring alot of people but it may be a good idea just to run SFHD since its brand new and we all know it wont get half as unruly as an MVC2 tourney would be.

In addition, it might make sense to have a TvC tourney as well.

Dont get me wrong, CVS2, MVC2 and the other games you mentioned are great tournament games btu they are all old. Lets have a brand new tourney for a change with new games, especailly since its the first time at this place.

Im sure it will attract a lot of people as it is. Adding MVC2 and CVS2 brings on a slew of hardware issues as well.

Tempest and Foxfire, (IMHO) it would be a good idea to keep it to simple the first time around. Not only that, SFHD has a huge following already, I have a feeling this will bring a large crowd on its own.

Any of your critiscisms and suggestions and ideas are appreciated as always and on a final note. . .

A big thank you to TempestFox and FoxFire for getting this together Thanks!

who is the king of STHD in CT?!?!?!?!

Why me of course :smiley:

do you have or can you post any pics of the arcade, inside or out?

Dru!! Are you on HD? We should play tonight meng! Bluntz and HD!


Thanks buddy! Your not too bad at his game either!

I can get some shots up for you by saturday.


We’re not an arcade, we’re a retail store. We just host tournaments.

Yo I live in the city right now so is there any transportation from NYC to Danbury, I don’t want to miss a CT tourney since they are so rare. :frowning:

Also Walter lets run it, I’m old enough to beast in SF2 now.

Nothing direct i know that much.

try checking out the MTA site.

There’s a train that goes from GC to Brewster, that gets you kinda close. There’s another that gets you to Danbury, but you’ll have to make a transfer along the line.

Uh you can take metro north from NYC to Danbury, just, shit takes about 2 hours, and the train only comes once every three hours, meaning you’d have to be on it by 10am. The Brewster stop is still like half an hour out of Danbury.

Anyway, I’m down, I’ll see if I can drag some dudes along with me. Time to buy a 360 stick I guess

I’m in as well just call me if you guys needs a ride

I might show up to this I usually go to the playntrade in walpole MA. I would like to show my support to all the stores on the east coast.

A month away now. Get to practicing

Do you guys need extra consoles, tvs, etc?

At the moment I’m not 100% sure.

I gotta go around to the employees and get a tally of who has systems and HDs with Turbo remix on it.

I should know within a week or so.

I’ll keep you all posted.

can u play any other games during casuals?

just wonderin

Mins fiending for that CvS2

I’ll have to see.

I personally have no problem with it.

gotta see what the boss says though.