2/7 NYC Tourney at Cybertron Results

We had a pretty good turn out at Cybertron today, Running the tourney with 2 TVs, Eating Pizza,& watching the Evolution Dvd.

Marvel vs Capcom 2 results:

  1. Javier Chorrillos “Khameleon” Rowtron
  2. Michael Williams “Infinite” Rowtron/MSP
  3. Mike Pungzujarit “Pungza” storm/sent/cable
  4. Jack Teng “Stezo_1” BH/Cable/Capcom
  5. Ray Velez Magnus/storm/sentinel
  6. Harry Roman Storm/Sentinel/Cable
  7. Brett Harbach “ShinRaven” MSP
  8. Ricardo Chorrillos “Desperado” Cable/Sent/Capcom

SF Turbo:

  1. Javier Chorrillos “Khameleon” Blanka
  2. Mike Pungzujarit “Pungza” Ryu/Blanka
  3. Michael Williams “Infinite” Vega
  4. Brett Harbach “ShinRaven” Ryu
  5. Ray Velez Chun-Li
  6. Harry Roman Ryu
  7. Jack Teng “Stezo_1”

3rd Strike:

  1. Mike Pungzujarit “Pungza” Akuma
  2. Javier Chorrillos “Khameleon” Ken
  3. Brett Harbach “ShinRaven”
  4. Michael Williams “Infinite” Alex
  5. Jack Teng “Stezo_1” Hugo
  6. Harry Roman Ryu
  7. Ray Velez Ryu

-The Return of Stezo_1!!!
-Harry beating Brett in a money match
-Jack beating Harry for money
-Jack beating Brett for money

I guess i’ll just keep my original srk name.:confused:

it was fun. but i did kinda bad in mvc2 but o well i just have to do better next time:cool:
and yea your Khameleon sn is better then the new one u made. when is the next tourney:D

holy crap micheal and jack came YES!!! its a miracle i can’t believe and how did brett get above micheal in third strike and did micheal take pungza out of the tourney. yo i hope you recorded.

The tourny was madd fun and it was kool meeting ppl that I havent seen b4. My first tourny YAY!:stuck_out_tongue:

I dunno how Brett placed higher than michael in 3rd strike.(Most of the decent 3rd strike players like pungza,michael,and I were in the same side bracket.
In MvC2, I send Pungza to the Loser’s, and Michael took him out.
Sorry but we didn’t get to record any matches, cause everyone was busy eating and playing due to the fact that we were using 2 TVs.

doesnt matter… Javier and Michael are still on my list to go down…:stuck_out_tongue:

and its gonna stay that way for a vry long time:p

wow i can’t wait till i go to the city next time. that shit is mad hot. what was the score between micheal and pungza. and javi remember dragon that shit.

I just asked pungza cause I forgot. Pungza said that michael beat him 3-1 in the loser’s finals.

good tourney, it was fun and everything…BUT we should have recorded. I tried to get javier to do it, but i got the feeling he didn’t want to.

It was cool meeting Jack and Ray, I wish i coulda played you more in marvel Ray.

It’s true i didn’t have to play michael to place higher than him in 3S…however I did get better than last tourney. Too bad I sucked in marvel, I will do better next time.

Yeah It was kool meeting you and everyone else I havent seen before. I wanted to play you low tier for money but I had to go and there were other games goin on but its all gravy.

yea, I’ll definitely play you for money next time. Charlie that shit :cool:

how about ill play u again for money and jack i want my revenge match’s:cool: :stuck_out_tongue:

aite, I’ll play you for money too, MSP for life!

how bout i play everyone for money:) and i can only pick msp

Hey buddy when you coming back:) .
dragongods a beast.

Why you leaving? And when?

hey sanford whats up chillin i don’t know when i come back but can’t wait to chill again peace bro. Plus take that quote out of your sig its not cool:(

how about i dont feel like takeing my teammates money.

and if u just pick MSP that will be your DOOM:evil: