2/7 SVGL results

Overall, a lot more people made it out to the Edma invitational than the Nelson/Josh P invitation. Proof that small Asian guys get more love than white people. Or something.


1st: John “Vietnamee Style” Choi : C-Ken/Guile/Sagat
2nd: Ricky “Gunter-phobia” Ortiz : K-CBS, A-Cammy/Sakura/Blanka
3rd: Campbell “Comboblock” Tran: N-Iori/Morrigan/Hibiki
4th: Jamaal “www.williamhung.net” : P-Kyo/Vega/Rolento

Highlights: Gunter making a huge comeback with 5% Sakura vs full life Cammy, getting her dizzy, then starts the Sak CC for the win… to miss one uppercut and leave Ricky with 0% life. Ricky does wake up super for the win.

Jamaal getting crazy, and me not being able to do any combos for the whole day. Edma doing 462846 crazy Yun combos for 15% damage, then losing to random people.

3rd Strike:

1st: Ricky Ortiz : Ken, Chun, Yun
2nd: John Choi : Ken
3rd: Ed “spazztastic” Ma : Ken
4th: Campbell Tran : Chun

Highlights: Edma beats Choi in winners (close match), loses to Ricky, then loses to Choi in losers (close match). Edma isn’t nearly as spazzy as I remember from NCR, but I dunno anything about 3s so whatever. I almost beat Ricky with ultra-ghetto Chun but I suck so that doesn’t matter.


1st: Ricky Ortiz : MSP
2nd: Alex : Various teams
3rd: Anthony Leon : Sent/Storm/CapCom
4th: Ed Ma : Mag/Rogue/Cable, Mag/Cable/Cyke

Didn’t watch, but I know HELLA FOOS showed up for marvel… or not! You decide!

alex’s various teams were mss and santhrax lol gg to everyone:cool:

P-groove stands for true gangsta’s!:slight_smile:
one of us had to get top 5,lol I didnt know jamaal got 4th though good job man!

my first tourney and i suck. I had to play alex which i went 0-2 lost. then losers braket i played edma. I went 1-2 lost. weak…

           it's all good dude. your 1st tournament was only 6 to 8 people:lol:  anyway on the 15 i have no school for a week!!!


wow. grudge matches!!:evil:

      LOL! anyway im going to svgl tomorrow. Which is monday
      see u there if u go i'll hook u up with a little bit of tokens aiight?


it was fun

p groove finally getting a little respect, thanks to that dude in the beenie and hood. ? who is that guy?

Hey me and john B(?) are reppin P-groove to,The guy in the hood was jamaal,I think thats who your thinkin about

Andry (sp?) Noodleculture is John B. He’s tryna pretend im not his daddy when i so am. I told you one p groover had to get top 5, didn’t matter which one of us. Long live Vega!

good shit ed

Yeah sounded fun…I ended up not making the tourney…i did stop by later to play with everyone…its madd fun to get warm up at SVGL…so many good peeps all the time…and that nagga Jhamaal is always reppin the OCV krew with the nasty P groove…that nigga’s on the come up…parry all the bullshit…good times…“i gotta lotta ‘tention now that I’m rappin’, the kids used to look up to you Ricky what happened???”-G-Unit …Fear Crescent-X…Buk toothe keep it mid tier…AnthonyL is too insane…respect S grooves suckas!!! and oh yeah…gtg money to make and porn to film…

 -B. :D            

P.S- Bill is a beast!!! and mah nagga John B!!! WE ALL WE GOT!!

Whoops,ma bad jon.Ya’ll should come on tuesday to see my new team,R4 blanka,this shits gonna rob all ya!

good shit alex and anthony.

      who are u PcLanAdmin2?????

Actually, it was against Blanka. My Sak was getting killed by Cammy.:frowning:

I didn’t use Sakura for months before Saturday. She’s a pretty good character!

I captured 14 various matches from the tournament. They’re available through Soulseek. Look for me in the japanese music room as Yoshio, and download them from my “SVGL” folder.

I tried to make a room called SVGL, but it doesn’t seem like it’s working. :rolleyes:

i know its late but good shit alex, 2nd place behind ricky is not bad

no sign of Yoshio anywhere on the japanese music room on soulseek… :frowning:

anybody else with vids (i really want to see choi play that team)

well hes on rite now, so i guess hes only online at night.
but damn, im the 50th person in line, hopefully he doesnt close his soulseek before i get the vids. ^^
btw defcon, if i get the vids, i could just send it to u through AIM. Or if i see grundle online, i’ll send it to him and he could give it to you.

soulseek is a p2p program. its similar to kazaa. The only difference is that it has chat rooms.