2/7 SVGL results

just search for it on google

You can download Soulseek at the official page - http://www.slsk.org . It’s a must for music fans (especially obscure music fans).

Anyway, I got a lot more requests for downloads than I expected, so I converted all the files to the smaller, more compact .wmv format. I’ve also added casual play matches from the Tuesday Night Token Special and a few random matches on 13 Feb.

what websites do you put match vids up on. I’d be interested in seeing vids of your A-Hibiki, or any Buktooth’s vids. Thanks.

Have you been reading this thread at ALL???

as a matter of fact, not at all, besides your post. (went straight to the last post because i thought 1st page was just Results and comments about the 2/7 tourney) And i noticed you said you put up videos, then i posted. ^^;

::goes to first page::

there’s another person who goes by the name of yoshio on soulseek, only his name is all lowercase. it’s funny i didnt think any registry would be case sensitive and allow different versions of the same name. :bluu:

Good job Jamall!!!