2/8/03 Vegas GGXX Results


1st Josh L. “Paranoia EviL” - Dizzy,Anji
2nd Paul Suh - Chipp,Testament
3rd Peter Suh - Axl,Faust,Ky
4th Danny Leong “Dark Inigma” - Sol
5th Russel - Eddie
5th Daniel R. “ruin-” Millia,Sol,Eddie
7th Josh Von “ajvg” May
7th Josh White “Bloodyangel” Ky
9th Brennan ? - Sol
9th Matt Chun “Tank” - Potemkin,Baiken
10th Leslie ? - Ky

nice tourney everyone if anyone wants weeklys or biweeklys or anything like that post here and i ll see what i can do:D


Dizzy owns. Hammer + Ice = instant kill! Any details?

Chaotic Blue


oh yea thats MAD GAY i hate that stupid bitch and the ice k im done


someone teach me how to play ggxx…