2-8-2014 Atlanta, GA "ATL-FINALROUNDBATS" Season Finals




Keswick Park Rec center
3496 Keswick Dr.
Chamblee GA 30341


Feb 8, 201



Hello everyone,

Please get to the venue on time because I have a time block I must be finished by with this venue! The last event was fun and I’m glad those that could come out did on such short notice. Next month event will be here before you know it so start planning today to attend. ATL-FRbats are a ranbat monthly series tournament for Georgia scene and surrounding states scenes to win free badge, seeding, and game entry at FINAL ROUND 17 in the following games as of right now;

SSF4AE ver2012. - double elim 2/3
UMVC3 - double elim 3/5
TTT2- double elim 3/5
BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma - Double elim 2/3
and bonus game Pokémon X and Y double elim 2/3

The way you win the free badge and entry/seeding at FR17 is to compete in the ATL-FRbats each month during the season and you will receive points based on your performance/placing in each game you compete in at ATL-FRbats. The point system is as followed;

10 points= 1st place
8 points= 2nd place
6 point= 3rd place
4 points= 4th place
2 points= 5th place

This is the last qualifier before the main event in MARCH 14-16, so what better way to prepare than to play at FRbats? The points will be counted and the person with the highest point total over the season will win the free badges, seeding/entry into the game they win. We crown our qualifiers this weekend!

Tournament fee’s:
door entry $10
game entry $10

100% game entry prize 70-20-10

I can’t wait to see everyone. The park is a couple of blocks away from Chamblee MARTA station and there’s a bus that travels right by the park road entrance. Come out and show you’re the best in the SE at your favorite games and qualify for FR17!