2/8/4 GGXX Results @ The Break!


Hey, 17 people wow. Josh knows he only beat me because someone put the default settings as Guilty Gear mode so he was hitting insane infinites and air dashing across the screen non stop - of course they don’t let us replay it so I coulda got raped out of GG mode too :smiley:

If you guys need to know anything about any of the breaks underage thick goth girls hit me up on AIM i know all about them, their life story, what’s going on in their head righ tnow, etc.

  1. James Austin CT - Eddie, Testament, Chipp
  2. Josh “aminorthreat” Frodo CT - Faust, Sol (he’s so sexy), Bridget
  3. Chaz NYC - Ino, Bridget
  4. Jobe (??) - Eddie
  5. Andrew “jiyuna” NJ - Johnny, Sol
  6. Adam CT - Venom
  7. Rob Sigley NJ - Faust
  8. Evan Hanzo Hattori NJ - Faust

more people i don’t got brackets so who knows


Hey James, don’t forget about me at the regionals.:evil:


sigley is my bitch

My name is Adam, not Andy. And my Venom was shown to be way too much for you. Now get it right and get more practice. Connecticut represented!!


Oh shit Adam is on the forum =O, Oh you know my guilty gear mode faust iad cancel infinites were too good for you ;). Me vs chaz went to 3-2 in losers, his bridget is too good! Me vs James went me 3-1 first set then James 3-1 the second set. His testament is too good.


sigley is my bitch

ok we’ll see next time you won’t be able to get any of those balls out because your ass is going to be on the ground the whole time or block stun


good shit to everyone there